Male-Erotika Movie Review

Best of All

Best of All Online Rental: 24 hrs $10.99
Director: Matt Sterling
Studio: Huge Video
Starring: Jeff Stryker, Bill Henson, Tom Brock, Jeff Quinn, Matt Ramsey (aka Peter North), Doug Cory, Joe Craig, Mark Rebel, Brad Walsh, Eric Ruff, Joe Purcelli, Jim Pulver, Mike Raymond (aka Brian Estevez), Scott Avery, Jeff Pirelli, Tom Mitchell, Brian Michaels (aka Bobby Madison), Don Webber (aka Marc Wallace)

Director Matt Sterling, a master of stylized homoeroticism, compiles his favorite scenes from five of his top selling videos. We get two scenes from A Matter of Size. Both feature performances from two actors who would later become straight porno superstars--Peter North and Marc Wallace. North appears in a jack-off scene with Bill Henson, and Wallace appears in a threeway with Brian Michaels and Scott Avery. Fat cocks and round muscular asses get sucked and fucked when a group of guys duck into an alley next to a leather bar in a scene from Like A Horse. Peter North takes it up the ass in a gay threeway! Peter North returns in a scene from Sizing Up with Tom Mitchell and a Johnathon Schaech look alike. Mitchell gets a hot blowjob from the look alike, then North bottoms for him and cums all over the look-a-likes chest. We get two scenes from Inch By Inch, Sterling's favorite film. There's the classic window scene with Tom Brock and Mike Raymond (aka Brian Estevez). Raymond spies on Brock through a ground floor apartment window. Brock peals himself out of his skintight briefs, showing off his perfect ass. He opens the window for a little rimming and ass worship. He continues to model for Raymond, then he lets him suck on his thick cock. Both men end up blowing their loads all over the window. The next scene features Jim Pulver and Jeff Quinn in an otherwise empty subway car. This scene is a turn-on from the minute their eyes meet. Actors rarely exhibit this much chemistry. If this scene were any hotter, the tape would melt. They each get off after trading blowjobs. Then Quinn bottoms for Pulver. Jim pulls out and drops a load, then he shoves his still-hard cock back into Quinn's ass, fucking him to a second orgasm. The final segment offers unintentional laughs as Jeff Stryker lip synchs and dances to the title song from Bigger Than Life--complete with a cheesy 80s rock band. Quinn plays a groupie who would do anything for his idol. This leads to a hot tryst in a back alley next to the stage door. With a two hour running time and very little non-sexual filler, it's like getting two videos for the price of one. Also includes the trailers for Heat In the Night and Stryker Force. Followed by Best of All II.

Huge Video is part of the Falcon Family of companies.

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