WTF?! Kurt Madison & Spencer Jones compete on Playboy TV’s “The Man”

Randy Blue's Spencer Jones & Kurt Madison (aka Quinn Jaxon) on Playboy's 'The Man'

The Man, Playboy TV’s low rent version of The Bachelor, is a reality dating show where four presumably heterosexual males vie for the affections of two finicky ladies. So what are two [totally not gay] gay porn stars doing here?

Episode three features two Randy Blue models — Cody (aka Spencer Jones) and Quinn (aka Kurt Madison). They spend much of the episode making bitchy comments about each other during the interview segments. (Rrrreeerrr!) This makes for some unintentionally hilarious train-wreck TV as the ladies seem to be picking up on a vibe but can’t quite put their finger on it.

Quinn, who fails to get out of the dreaded “friend zone,” gets eliminated second. Guess he’ll have to go back home. To his fiancee. (Wha…?) Cody, on the other hand, gives some head so he can get ahead. (I’m talking about cunnilingus, not fellatio.) He even does the deed with one of the ladies — but still loses to the gorgeous brunette himbo pictured above.

Oh well. At least they didn’t make a point of telling everyone they would never have sex with a man — the way Ryan Rockford did when he was on Foursome.

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