Workin’ Hard or hardly workin’?

Falcon Studios Press Notes — Mustang’s crew of horny hardhats has a lot more than construction on their minds as man for man, their passions and manlust build up. Their hefty cocks soon grow erect as they find mouths to drill and assholes to screw.

Zackary Pierce hits the toilet and finds Scott Fremont masturbating. He enters the next stall to jack off himself. Why go solo when opportunity’s next door? He sticks his dick through the gloryhole and Scott sucks away. The action builds with rimming, finger fucking, spanking and Zack’s cock wrenched up Scott’s ass.

Tyler Saint issues an order and Matthew Cassel is all too eager to surrender to the foreman’s demands. The big boss keeps his hired hand in line, sucking his cock, eating his hole – prepping him for the powerful fucking he’s going to get. And Matthew’s with him all the way sucking and rimming Tyler like a pro.

Dominic Pacifico’s got wood and needs relief. Fortunately Tyler Dix has the solution. He attacks with his tongue, licking Dominic’s smelly armpits, sucking his cock and rimming his asshole before spanking him hard. Dominic goes down on Tyler then fingers his hole, finally screwing his dick up his ass.

It’s hard work hammering away and Vinnie D’Angelo’s so horny, he’d rather nail Donny Malone. He drives his swollen cock down the young man’s throat, gagging him with each thrust. Then he sucks Donny’s prick before rimming his hairy ass and pierces the hole with his tool. The two jerk themselves off and unload.

Mustang Studios presents Workin’ Hard – Directed by Paul Baressi – Starring: Tyler Saint, Danny Malone, Dominic Pacifico, Matthew Cassel, Scott Fremont, Tyler Dix, Vinnie D’Angelo, Zackary Pierce

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  1. Queridos amigos, los felicito por mostrar excelentes imagenes, se pueden ver sin complicaciones y de excelente calidad, espero continuen de esta forma. Soy latino de Venezuela y me agradó mucho la presentaciòn que hacen de sus modelos, adelante

    September 13, 2008 at 5:42 am

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