Video View: In Your Wildest Dreams

  • Director: Bill Clayton
  • Studio: Falcon Studios
  • Cast: Tom Brock, view Scott O’Hara, pharm Justin Cade, viagra Eric Manchester, Chad Douglas, Leigh Erickson, Steve Wright, Bosch Wagner, Kevin Williams
  • (out of 5)
  • Only in your wildest dreams could you ever hope to find an escort service that can send over your favorite porn star at a moment’s notice. But that’s exactly what happens to Kevin Williams — a long time porno favorite in his own right.

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    Scene 1: — Upon hearing about said escort service, he immediately hires mega-hung Chad Douglas as his very own personal fitness coach, ordering a “complete workout.” Kevin was in peak form for this video. The boyish twink showed early signs that he would soon transform himself into a manly hunk. He’s caught in the act by Douglas “warming himself up” with some exercise and dick stroking. Chad stands in front of a rowing machine as Kevin works out. Chad’s crotch is at just the right height, so that Kevin can get a mouthful of cock whenever he slides forward. Later on, Chad pumps Kevin’s ass while Kevin pumps iron. Both actors cum twice. Kevin shoots into his own mouth the first time around. Douglas makes an abrupt exit, but the experience leaves Kevin with a you-know-what eating grin on his face.

    Scene 2:Leigh Erickson gets an outdoor suck and fuck session with Steve Wright, a sports idol. Wright fucks the cum out of Erickson while he leans against a tree. Then he drops his load all over Erickson’s arched back.

    Scene 3: — Kevin returns for the third segment for another “moment’s notice” encounter with porn star Tom Brock, who he finds waiting for him in bed, wearing only a pair of tight white briefs, just as he appears on the box cover of Inch by Inch. Kevin sucks Brock off and rims his ass when they’re interrupted by Eric Manchester, who comes in through a window with his “one-eyed bandit” at the ready. Manchester gives Williams’ ass a merciless fucking while Kevin eats Brock’s ass. He fucks the cum out of Kevin and continues to pound him as Kevin continues to suck Tom off. After the two escorts drop their goo, it’s “wham bam, thank you, Sam” as they head back to the office.

    Scene 4: — The final segment features Bosch Wagner as a working stiff who schedules a fantasy “doctor/patient” session with Justin Cade. Scott O’Hara plays the doctor’s horny assistant. Wagner appears to have a handsome face, but it’s marred by a hideous, anachronistic handlebar mustache. I honestly could have done without all the anal extremism that went on in this scene. It includes fisting and some nightmarish sex toys. Fortunately, the more squeamish viewers will be spared all the details, since uncensored tapes can only be purchased directly from Falcon.

    Overall, though, this is a pretty good tape. Certainly a must for Kevin Williams fans.

    In Your Wildest Dreams can be streamed in its entirety or on a per scene basis at Also available on DVD.

    NOTE: This review is based on the In Your Wildest Dreams VHS, from our gay video review archive, re-posted with video clips.

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