Video View: Basic Plumbing 2

  • BASIC PLUMBING 2 (1998)
  • Director: John Rutherford
  • Studio: Falcon Studios
  • Cast: Chase Hunter, find Christopher Scott, find Mike Branson, mind Michel Lucas (aka Michael Lucas), Brennan Foster, Logan Cox, Randy Foreman, Tony Dancer
  • (out of 5)
  • More horny studs get their pipes cleaned in this follow-up to Falcon’s popular Chase Hunter video. Chase is back as the out and proud owner of a plumbing service that gives special treatment to repeat customers.

    Scene 1: — Beefy plumber Mike Branson gets soaked fixing Christopher Scott‘s sink. Scott offers to dry his shirt for him, but later on Mike catches him in the bedroom sniffing his shirt, wearing nothing but a jockstrap. “I know what you want,” Branson says, as he unbuttons his pants. Then it’s off with his jeans and tool belt as Christopher gets a mouthful of dick.

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    Grabbing hold of Branson’s muscular butt cheeks, Christopher slobbers all over his monster-cock. Branson jams his tongue up Christopher’s ass when they get into a 69, and Christopher, in turn, spreads Mike’s beautiful glutes so he can rim his brown butthole. Then Mike fucks Christopher like a bitch in the missionary position. Christopher is soon driven to a quivering orgasm as Branson snakes his behind.

    Scene 2:Tony Dancer does a job for Michel Lucas. With a little help from smooth hunk Randy Foreman, he polishes Lucas’ pipe. They take turns gobbling Michel’s uncut knob. Michel fucks Randy while Randy munches Tony’s ass. Then Randy and Tony trade places so that Michel can fuck Tony’s ass. Tony blows Michel until he cums. And Tony and Randy finish the scene by jacking off.

    Scene 3: — Meanwhile, irresistible blond cutie Brennan Foster plays the damsel in distress by faking a breakdown so that Chase will invite him up to his apartment to use the phone. Foster looks edible in his flimsy running shorts. This is why Chase gives him exactly what he wants after he catches on to the ruse.

    Chase slips a hand up Brennan’s shorts and pulls out his hard cock. Then the butch plumber goes down on the horny, young bottom boy. Chase gets a lip-smacking blowjob from Brennan, who slurps on Chase’s massive meat like he’s starved for cock. Later, Brennan gets a mustache ride when he sits on Hunter’s face. Chase strokes his glistening rod while Brennan fucks his mouth. “I’m gonna cum!” Brennan gasps as he pulls out, on the brink orgasm. As Chase continues to suck him off, the fuckable stud looks like he’s on the verge of spewing a load. Brennan straddles Chase, rubbing his cock against the older stud’s ripped abs. They rub their balls together, then Brennan spreads his sweet cheeks and lets Chase slide his hard prick up his tender hole.

    This scene sizzles like no other. Both studs are obviously into each other. Brennan has a huge grin on his face while his ass is getting plowed, and he never loses his hard-on. The cum shots are also spectacular. Chase gets off a yard-long jizz blast. Some of it lands on Brennan’s adorable face. And Brennan spatters his own chest and stomach with the white stuff.

    Scene 4: — In the last scene, Christopher Scott needs to have his roto rooted again. Branson is unavailable, so he has to settle for Logan Cox. The water in Christopher’s sink won’t go down, but Christopher will. He sucks on Logan’s uncut cock while tugging on his balls. Then Logan puts a leg up on the kitchen table so Christopher can lick his ass. Logan repays him by pressing his face between Christopher’s cheeks. Then Logan loosens him up by shoving his fingers up Christopher’s butt. Logan fucks him on the table until they blow their loads.

    Don’t skip over the opening credits. If you do, you’ll miss the awe-inspiring site of Mike Branson stripped naked and hosing himself off by a pool with a raging hard-on. Any fan of manly men with huge cocks or blue-collar hunks in a tool belt will love this video.

    Basic Plumbing 2 can be streamed in its entirety or on a per scene basis at Also available on DVD.

    NOTE: This review is based on the Basic Plumbing 2 DVD, from our gay video review archive, re-posted with video clips.

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