‘True Blood’ lust for Ryan Kwanten

We cannot display this galleryIn “True Blood”HBO‘s Southern Gothic horror series from “Six Feet Under” scribe Alan Ball — vampires are “coming out of the coffin” to mingle with humankind thanks to a synthetic blood that lets them quench their sanguinary appetites without feasting on the living.

Vamps seeking equal rights have supplanted gays on the bigotry totem pole. Their integration into mainstream society faces heavy opposition from superstitious humans spooked by their unnatural lifestyle.

But the vampires aren’t about to go down without a… bite. They’re still monsters after all, and some of them have a serious mean streak. When a vampire-hating religious leader dies in a freak accident — along with his entire family — it seems a pack of bloodsucking fiends is responsible. In spite of their self-righteous posturing, though, human monsters are every bit as lethal as their undead counterparts.

A serial killer obsessed with “fang-bangers” (women who do it with vampires) is stalking Bon Temps, a Louisiana backwater. The prime suspect is one Jason Stackhouse (Australian hunk Ryan Kwanten), the ne’er-do-well brother of the series’ telepathic protagonist Sookie Stackhouse (Academy Award winner Anna Paquin). Two victims were murdered after spending the night with Jason. Sookie and Jason’s kindly grandmother (Lois Smith) is the latest victim — murdered after befriending a Civil War-era vampire (dead sexy Stephen Moyer) who also happens to be romancing Jason’s sister.

One of the main draws of the series is Ryan Kwanten’s portrayal of the oversexed Stackhouse sibling. His hyper-sexualized characterization gets a handy assist from the costume designer who, during scenes that don’t involve gratuitous nudity, dresses him in tight, nut-hugging low-rise jeans. I especially like how his too-short t-shirts reveal the small of his back whenever he sits down.

The producers seem to delight in finding new ways to objectify Kwanten from week to week. I guess it’s one of the perks of having an openly gay creator like Alan Ball at the helm. So far we’ve seen Kwanten…

  • — on all fours with his bare butt in the air giving lip service to a female friend…
  • — having kinky S&M sex with said female friend…
  • — co-opting the patented Patrick Bateman vanity point while fucking another playmate…
  • — dancing for a webcam in nothing but tight bikini briefs and a Laura Bush mask…

He also spent an entire episode fighting off a killer case of priapism after OD’ing on vampire blood. In the series vampire blood — dubbed V — is a highly addictive narcotic and potentially deadly aphrodisiac. At this point in the series his character is a sex addict in more than one sense, dropping hits of V to supercharge his libido.

Even if this supernatural satire had nothing else going for it (and it does have quite a lot going for it actually), my inner perve would compel me to watch just to see the latest satyromaniacal misadventure from the Boy Wonder from Down Under.

Sexy nudie pix of Ryan Kwanten below and related link to naked video clips of his sexy co-star…

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