Tory Mason’s buzz killed during drunk driving arrest

Gay porn star Tory MasonIt is with a profound sense of relief that I report Tory Mason (bio) was sovaldi You Da Ho!” href=”” target=”_blank”>arrested in his home state of Idaho over the holiday weekend for DUI. But only a DUI.

Even though driving under the influence is a serious offense, for sale I’m just glad he wasn’t arrested for beating up an old lady or for trying to bash an old man’s brains out with a hammer.

Mason, who fits the textbook definition of twink, first came on the scene back in 2006, making several notable appearances on Randy Blue. His most recent appearance was in Buckshot Productions’ Strong Will.

About this model:

Tory Mason

  • Name: Tory Mason
  • Also Known As: Adrian
  • Birth Date: 1987
  • Zodiac: Virgo
  • Birthplace: Boise, Idaho
  • Sexual Preference: Gay
  • Buy His Videos: TLA Video
  • Video On Demand: Male-Erotika PPV, MaleFlixxx, Channel 1 Releasing
  • Tory began his career in gay porn as a featured model at sites like Randy Blue and Corbin Fisher. Additional biographical data courtesy of the Internet Adult Film Database.

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