This is what James Franco looks like when he’s sucking cock

James Franco Broken Tower blowjob

If you’ve ever wondered what James Franco would look like with a great big dick in his mouth, wonder no more. He performs fellatio on a “young truck driver” (Dylan Goodwin) in the Hart Crane biopic The Broken Tower, which he directed himself. Grant it, the scene is dark and shadowy, but that just adds to the realism. You still get a glimpse of cock as James bobs up and down on the shaft as his lover wriggles and moans. Looks like an expert cocksucker to me. The penis is fake. (That’s the official story anyway.)

Oh, James! Fame is fleeting, but those gay rumors will last forever.

And if you’ve ever wondered what James Franco would look like getting fucked in the ass, here’s another Broken Tower sex scene with Michael Shannon (Boardwalk Empire).

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