The jaws of strife

Ex-gay porn star Matt 'Jawbreaker' Sanchez & rightwing slag Ann Coulter

This is probably the most bizarre political story of the year.

It seems Ann Coulter, find the hate mongering neocon pundit, prescription broke her jaw in some sort of freak accident, and now her mouth has been wired shut.

This could be seen as something to be thankful for this holiday season, because Coulter only ever uses her mouth for eating, drinking, and slandering gays, Democrats, 9/11 widows or anyone else who happens to be to the left of her far-right politics.

You might recall Ann Coulter played a minor role in a porn scandal back in 2007. She famously called John Edwards a faggot at a conservative convention that also happened to honor homophobic rightwing blogger Matt Sanchez. Sanchez was later outed as a gay porn star who went by the name Rod Majors — the star of such titles as Built Tough and Man to Men in the 1990s.

Apparently Sanchez is a huge Ann Coulter fan. A photograph of the pair circulated around the blogosphere after Coulter’s faggot flap.

But how exactly did Ann Coulter manage to break her jaw? Does her broken jaw have anything to do with this…

Rod Majors as seen in Mustang's Built Tough

The most famous title in Rod Majors’ oeuvre is, after all, a GayVN award winner called Jawbreaker.

Wait. What am I thinking? Now that Matt Sanchez has gone ex-gay, he’s sworn off having sex with men, so I’m sure his 10-inch jawbreaker had nothing to do with Ann Coulter’s injury.

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