The Gay Old Party

This week the GOP returned to the scene of Sen. Larry Craig’s crime by staging their national convention in St. Paul, find Minnesota. As everyone knows, view Craig was busted last summer for soliciting sex from an undercover cop in a public bathroom at a Minneapolis airport.

Craig’s arrest was just one of a series of humiliating (and oftentimes disturbing) sex scandals that plagued the GOP in 2007. Rep. Bob Allen — the former co-chair of John McCain’s presidential campaign — was also convicted of soliciting prostitution from an undercover cop in the men’s room of a public park.

Lately, order though, the Log Cabinettes have been on their best behavior. Lindsay Graham notwithstanding, the Grand Old Party’s been looking a little less gay but a lot more old. Have you seen the convention coverage? The median age of the typical attendee is Mesozoic.

Still, I’m sure the conservative closet queens are getting as much knob-bobbing on the down-low as ever, so I’ve put together this tribute to our fey friends on the far right: scenes from the vintage Toilet Tramps series. This porn shoot has the distinction of featuring an actual gay Republican — Matt Sanchez, a neocon blogger and occasional Fox News commenter.

Here’s a YouTube clip of La Sanchez (aka Rod Majors, Pierre Labranche) trying to butch it up in a segment about gay gun rights activists. Sanchez spent most of the ’90s and part of the ’00s working as a gay porn star and male escort, so it’s funny to see him act like he doesn’t know anything about queer culture — like he had to look up gay slang on the google.

In another clip he tries to horn in on Kathy Griffin’s act by mocking Nicole Kidman’s botox face. Maybe Sanchez is hoping no one will notice how jacked up his own face is… I’m just sayin’.

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Tijuana Toilet Tramps

Republican activist Matt Sanchez (aka Rod Majors, Pierre LaBranche, Excellent-Top NYC) in a hardcore gay sex scene from the adult video Tijuana Toilet Tramps.

Miguel Lopez & Chip Daniels

Chip Daniels gets fucked by Miguel Lopez in a Tijuana toilet stall and takes a messy facial cum shot!

Bill Marlowe & Paul Brazil

Bill Marlowe fucks a Latin bad boy at a Mexican rest stop.

Johnny Rey & Derek Cruise

Johnny Rey gives fratboy Derek Cruise a blowjob and lets him fuck his ass in a public restroom.

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