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Winter Getaway: Day 8

Winter Getaway Day 8 (Sean Cody)

Brendan, Robbie, Atticus and Blake enjoy a final fourgy on day eight of their winter getaway.


Winter Getaway: Day 7

Winter Getaway Day 7 (Sean Cody)

Porter and Brendan take turns fucking Atticus.


Winter Getaway: Day 6

Winter Getaway Day 6 (Sean Cody)

After some fun in the tub, Blake gets broken in by Blake in his first bottoming scene. Blake also helps him perfect his deep-throating skills.


Winter Getaway: Day 5

Winter Getaway Day 5 (Sean Cody)

Robbie, Atticus, Brendan, Blake and Porter arrive on day five, joining Lane, Brodie, Joey, Tanner and Rowan to create the biggest Sean Cody orgy to date.


Winter Getaway: Day 3

Winter Getaway Day 3 (Sean Cody)

Tanner and Rowan heat up the kitchen with some hot bareback flip-fuck action.


Winter Getaway: Day One

Winter Getaway - Day 1 (Sean Cody)

See what happens when five Sean Cody fuck buddies — Lane, Brodie, Joey, Tanner and Rowan — take some time off for some fun in the mountains.