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Sean humps Wilson

Sean & Wilson: Bareback (Sean Cody)

Sean and Wilson are both into different kinds of physical activities, so we went skateboarding to see them in their element. Wilson was having a bit of a hard time since he’s used to longer boards. “Does size really matter?” we asked him.

“Size really does matter. Don’t listen to what people tell you.” We all laughed.

You could tell he was eager to be alone with Sean. Little did Sean know that it would be Wilson’s first time putting a dick in his mouth. What better way to start dick-sucking than with Sean and his big dick?

“I’m very happy I was your first.” Sean seemed honored. — Sean Cody


Wilson’s a hunk with a heart o’ gold

Wilson (Sean Cody)

Wilson is a big guy. Walking into the studio I was a little intimidated. “How tall are you?” I asked.

“6’2″,” he replied.

Wilson is a beefy looking stud with a big ole heart of gold and a guy who likes to wear his heart on his sleeve. “My ex used to call me a big ole teddy bear!” he laughed.

“Why’s that?”

“I’ve always just been the emotional type. I like to watch movies, buy flowers, and make love. You know how treat people right.”

Wilson started off a bit shy, but once the cameras got rolling he opened up a bit and really got into it. “Will we ever see you back?” I was praying for a yes.

“I doubt it, but who knows,” he winked. — Sean Cody