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Big Brother 14’s Wil — nude

Wil Heuser -- from Big Brother

After this douche bag betrayed Janelle for no reason whatsoever even though she saved his sorry ass from getting evicted from the Big Brother house, it was really sweet to watch Big Brother 14’s token gay Wil Heuser get sent home last week by the guy he chose to save. Wil was one of those awful casting choices that make me suspect the producers have a secret, anti-gay agenda. Just a miserable person to watch. And so bad at the game! It’s been years since they cast a gay guy worth rooting for.

Yes, I hate this miserable toolbag. But… After seeing his naked, Brent Corrigan-esque ass during his birthday strip and streak on the live feeds, I could hate-fuck dickhead so hard the bed would end up in the next room. Oh, and, Wil, Jennifer Anniston called. She said you can keep her haircut. Because that look was played-out in 1997.

Naked screen grabs after the jump…