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Zane & Angel finally fuck

Welcome to L.A. -- Angel Santiago & Zane Porter (Randy Blue)

In the conclusion of Welcome to L.A. Pt. 2, viagra partners in crime Zane Porter and Angel Santiago mind Santa Monica ” target=”_blank”>become partners in love while hiding out in an ocean-side motel.


Jordan Levine flips for Roman Todd

Randy Blue -- Roman Todd fucks Jordan Levine (Welcome to L.A.)

In the seventh installment of Welcome to L.A., seek Jordan Levine and Roman Todd are out at a nightclub when they get dosed with some party drugs. Suddenly Jordan finds himself craving Roman’s fat cock, treatment so he goes down on him in the bathroom where they each take turns sucking each other off. Jordan bends over and takes Roman’s thick dick up his juicy, round ass. Then Roman rides Jordan’s stick while sitting on the toilet. The climax of this scene has Jordan and Roman each taking a wet and messy facial before sharing a sloppy, wet cum-flavored kiss.


Angel Santiago seduces Tyler Wolf

Welcom to L.A. 2 -- Tyler Wolf does Angel Santiago

It’s do or die for Zane Porter and Angel Santiago when they have to pull off an art heist for their boss, homicidal homo Jordan Levine. Angel, posing as a rentboy, uses his luscious ass to distract his mark Tyler Wolf with a mesmerizing lap dance while Zane robs him blind.


Jordan Levine owns Zane Porter’s ass

Welcome to L.A. -- Jordan Levine fucks Zane Porter with help from Angel Santiago

In Welcome to L.A., Beverly Hills, Zane Porter is a larcenous rent boy who stiffs the wrong john. Instead of servicing his mobbed up client Jordan Levine, Zane grabs the cash and makes a mad dash for Rodeo Drive. With help from his loyal manservant Angel Santiago, Jordan catches up with Zane and makes him pay through the ass.


Justin & Diego horny in Hollywood

Justin Owen & Diego Sans

Justin Owen‘s a naive country boy with stars in eyes who hooks up with hot Latin hustler Diego Sans at a house in the Hollywood hills in the first installment of the web series Welcome to L.A. Watch their extended flirtation and multi-orgasmic fuck scene at Randy Blue.