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Naked college hunk Zack Vasquez in the garden

Naked Campus Hunk Zack Vasquez (Playgirl Online)

Playgirl Campus Hunk Zack Vasquez takes off his shirt and jeans to show off his perfectly sculpted body and big beautiful cock during a naked stroll through Florida garden. And he can’t keep his hands off himself. Could you?


Orlando Bloom Lubes Up, Charlie Hunnam Strips Down, and a Birthday Boy Bonanza!

“This week, Orlando Bloom brings us one of the kinkiest scenes of 2020, while Charlie Hunnam and the pretty boys of True History of the Kelly Gang bring lots of frontier skin! It’s also a birthday bonanza this week with skinsational stars Colin Firth, Ryan Phillippe, and Alfie Allen all blowing… out their candles this week!” — Mr. Man



Big bulging Playgirl hunk Ian Turner drops trou

Hunky Playgirl model Ian Turner gets naked

Playgirl model Ian Turner’s a hot young hunk from the deep south who honed this gorgeous, chiseled physique on his high school football team. This sexy stud (aka Sean Cody‘s Wade, Tory George) has since peddled his pecs and his pecker as both a porn and a fitness model.


Handsome hunk Randy Savino in wet boxers with a shower boner

Randy Savino in wet boxers in the shower (Playgirl Online)

Playgirl model Randy Savino in the shower wearing wet boxers and with a stiffening cock. Something tells me he’s not doing this to get clean.


Below Deck’s Bruno Duarte gets naked with his boyfriend Jose for COLT

Bruno Duarte his boyfriend Jose (Colt Studio Group)

COLT Studio Group has released its newest installment in the “COLT Man” line of videos with COLT Men Bruno Duarte and Jose.

Bruno has a huge fan base in social media and many of his fans might know him from Below Deck Season 5. He and his co-star and fiancé Jose got in touch with COLT’s director/owner John Rutherford via Instagram.

John Rutherford said, “I am a huge fan of Below Deck and a friend of mine was on the show as a guest and on that episode, I saw Bruno in his red, starred swim suit where he has to be a table decoration during a ‘Naked Sushi’ dinner. I had written him on IG telling him I was a big fan and thought he looked great. We stayed in touch and because Bruno and Jose live in the South of France, so we met up in Paris and decided to do a photo shoot and video with them both. We wanted it to be erotic and intimate…. The rest is history, as they say.”

The online scene with Bruno and Jose is available now at, while the DVD will be released later this summer separately or bundled with the 2021 COLT Couples Calendar in June 2020. All six calendars will include the COLT Hairy Chested, COLT Leather, COLT Men, COLT Butt Beautiful, Buckshot Boys and COLT Couples.

“Since our conception back in 1967, COLT has always been synonymous with hairy, masculine men in our annual COLT calendars, magazines and movies,” Rutherford said. “Bruno and Jose are all that and a real-life couple to boot…. Their scene sizzles. I’ve seen the footage and it is like the viewer is a fly on the wall watching the two COLT Men getting it on without knowing anyone is watching.” — Colt Studio Group

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Justin Theroux And Shia LaBeouf Show Their Huge Penises!

“Gay actor Luke Evans shows his perfect butt on The Alienist, Matt Lauria paints the town nude on the new series Little Birds, Shia LaBeouf bares his big penis in The Tax Collector, birthday boy Justin Theroux shows off his Therouxly huge bulge on The Leftovers, and fellow b-day boy Chris Messina gives up his peena!” — Mr. Man



Bruno Duarte from Bravo’s Below Deck gets naked for COLT

Bruno Duarte nudes from Bravos Below Deck (Colt Studio Group)

So now another cast member from Bravo’s Below Deck — like David Bradberry before him — has decided to dabble in gay porn. This time it’s season 5 deckhand Bruno Duarte, who filmed an “up-close and personal” love scene with his real-life boyfriend Jose with the legendary gay porn studio COLT. But before you watch him fuck, check out his sweet-assed solo nudes after the jump…

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Bel Ami hunk Jeroen Mondrian has Niko Vangelis for breakfast

Niko Vangelis & Jeroen Mondrian (Bel Ami Online)

The image of the life at BelAmi as nothing but a smorgesboard of boys, lounginmg around, having fun and making love is at times an illusion, and other times, like this, is pretty much bang on the mark.

Today we have handsome Niko Vangelis being pampered to a healthy breakfast and even healthier serving of Jeroen Mondrian to start the day. Both guys here are built for love and share an unending appetite for sex and it is a connoisseur’s delight watching them. — Watch the hardcore preview @ Bel Ami Online

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Porn star Justin Magnum gets a close shave

Male porn star Justin Magnum in Playgirl

Straight porn star Justin Magnum seems to have a permanent case of sex hair and five o’clock shadow, but he cleans up real nice.


Summer Loves — Meet 19-year-old twink Jerry Hannan

Jerry Hannan (Bel Ami Online)

Jerry Hannan is a fresh and cute 19-year-old in this Summer Loves photosession. With his gentle tan and blond hair he looks rather like a fawn in this garden setting the Eliot has chosen today, only he may be the first ever blue-eyed fawn.

Apart from Jerry being cute of face and body, he has a very innocent yet mischievous expression that enhances his overall appeal. — Watch the hardcore preview @ Bel Ami Online

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An Homage to Russell Tovey

Shirtless Russell Tovey in a gay love scene with Arinzé Kene from The Pass

Russell Tovey is one of the sexiest actors in Hollywood, and the fact that he’s openly gay is just icing on the cake. Cake, cake, cake, cake! Russell has so many insanely hot nude and gay scenes, and we’re rounding them up right here so you don’t have to. HOT TIP: For the full NSFW Russell Tovey scenes, head HERE.


Jax’s big dick makes Archie bust a big load

Archie & Jax (Sean Cody)

Jax has some hot and naughty questions for Archie, like whether he prefers the lights on or off during sex. “Lights on. I like to see what I’m working with,” Archie answers confidently. Archie’s got a few questions of his own, and Jax blows the vers hunk’s mind when he says that although he’s a top, the sex toy he could never do without is a dildo. “Nothing gets me busting bigger loads than a fuckin’ dildo up my ass. That’s a dirty little secret of mine.” Archie can’t wait to experience the same phenomenon with Jax’s huge cock in his ass, and their hot fuck soon has both of them busting huge loads! — Watch the hardcore preview @ Sean Cody

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Kit Harington And Chris Zylka’s Gay Scene Is HERE!

“We’ve got all the nudes that’s fit to print this week with three asses on Dark season three, Bernard Gilbert’s erection on The Chi, Tom Cruise’s only penis scene, Kit Harington and Chris Zylka’s gay make out in The Death & Life of John F. Donovan, and David Corenswet and Ben Platt’s devil’s threeway on The Politician!” — Mr. Man



Watch Daniel drill Kaleb Stryker’s juicy bubble butt

Kaleb Stryker & Daniel (Sean Cody)

Kaleb and Daniel can’t wait to heat things up! They met each other over a year ago, but never actually got the chance to work together, so they’re both excited and horny! Kaleb has a nicely chiseled body with an uncut cock that perfectly compliments Daniel’s athletic build and long, thick dick. “Open your mouth,” says Daniel, as he stuffs his boxers in Kaleb’s mouth whilst penetrating his ass bareback. “You fuck me so hard,” moans a heated Kaleb. “Look at this tight little asshole!” exclaims Daniel. “Do you like it???” says Kaleb. “Oh yeahhh,” replies Daniel as he rims that ass and prepares it for another round of pounding. — Watch the hardcore preview @ Sean Cody

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Charles Dera coming out of the pool

Charles Dera in the pool (Playgirl Online)

Straight porn star Charles Dera makes a summer splash by diving into the pool in this underwear. See him disrobed in this poolside Playgirl photo shoot after the jump…


Top 10 Hottest Gay Scenes in Movie History

Timothée Chalamet kissing Armie Hammer in Call Me By Your Name

There’s literally nothing hotter than beautiful men getting it on, and just in time fro Pride, MrMan is bringing you the TOP 10 hottest gay scenes in movie history. Generation after generation, these pioneers dared to portray gay lovemaking on the big screen, sometimes in the face of adversity.

After a slow start, mainstream Hollywood caught on that gay sex is tops  (or bottoms!) and for this list, we dug deep into both blockbusters and lesser knows gay indies to find the ultimate, definitive, no-butts about it, top ten hottest gay sex scenes in movies ever. Actually, we lied… there are plenty of butts.


Wanna watch Sean Cody’s Jax put something up his butt?

Jax fucks himself (Sean Cody)

“So, who wants to watch me play with myself?” asks tall and muscular Sean Cody stud Jax. Since quarantine began, Jax hasn’t been able to do all his favorite things like hitting the gym, going to the beach, or just getting outside and connecting with people. In fact, he’s been doing a whole lot of playing with himself, and he’s brought his two favorite toys: a dildo that hits just the right spots and a tight stroker to give his cock the tight butthole action it’s been missing. Watch as Jax lubes up his big cock and his hungry hole and gives them both plenty of attention, fucking his pocket ass and penetrating himself with his dildo till he shoots a big load all over himself. “That was probably the best orgasm I’ve had all year!” Jax sighs. “Don’t tell anybody I said that.” — Watch the hardcore preview @ Sean Cody

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Steamiest Gay Movies Streaming On Hulu For Pride Month

Honno Koffler & Max Riemelt's gay love scene from Free Fall

Just in time for Pride, we’re rounding up the hottest gay movies streaming on Hulu, cause there are some movies that you need to masturbate to. 😉


Califuckinfornia — Josh Moore & Dan Saxon do Greyson Lane

Josh Moore, Dan Saxon & Greyson Lane (Falcon Studios)

Josh Moore seems to have some kind of breakthrough and finally admits to road trip buddy Dan Saxon that he’s always had a crush on him after they get back on the PCH, and Dan confesses the crush is mutual. With the ice finally broken, they decide they don’t want their adventure to end. They stop at a diner and on a dare from Dan, Josh picks up smoking hot surfer boy Greyson Lane, and they go back to his beach shack for a three way. After some dick sucking in the van, they go inside for blowjobs on the couch and Greyson devours their tasty uncut British bangers. Dan and Josh happily take turns barebacking the younger dude, as Greyson takes them both on like a trouper, riding their beautiful cocks to a jizz dripping finish as they fill his hole with their delicious spunk. With a new sense of playful sexual freedom thanks to his enlightened friend Dan, Josh decides not to go back to San Francisco and new adventures await as the sun sets on the ‘Califuckinfornia’ coastline. — Watch the hardcore preview @ Falcon Studios

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Alphas — Josh Brady & Calvin Banks raw dog each other

Alphas - Calvin Banks & Josh Brady (Helix Studios)

Handsome, horny and thick with muscle, Josh Brady and Calvin Banks are vying for dominance the moment they appear on screen locked in an erotic embrace. The hot hunks wrestle, tickle and tantalize, testing one another to see which alpha will give it up first. Calvin can’t contain his urge to slob Brady’s knob; and, he delivers a sloppy good suck job, swallowing every inch of Josh’s extra long dick down to the base! Impressed with his skill, the juicy jock returns the favor. He pulls at Calvin’s sexy black ball huggers and deep throats that dick on all fours. Banks keeps Brady in that position as he saddles up behind him, his stiff schlong swaying back and forth from the sheer weight of it. He slaps Brady’s beautiful butt hole with his hefty hog, then dives in deep with his tongue. The normally dom dude does as he’s told and even spreads that amazing ass for the epic eating! But, Banks isn’t finished with him yet… not by a long shot! He manhandles Brady’s backside down a bit, then dips his dick in a few times, making sure the alpha dawg can take it. Once Josh is open and Banks is lodged deep, Calvin crushes that ass, even getting Brady to throw that booty back at him! Somehow, Calvin’s cock has tamed the wild beast that is Brady; so, he gets the brawny boy on his back and gives him even more! Not wanting Josh to have all the fun, Calvin inches forward and climbs Brady’s beefy bone; then, he sits his tight tail right down on that D, swallowing every inch. Josh reaches back and spreads Calvin’s hungry hole for the cock cam; and, Banks ups his back door bounce. Calvin thrusts that thick donk down and gets the dick in deep, right where he wants it. Then, the erotic alpha forms two fists and pounds Josh’s hot jock chest! In turn, Brady beats the boy’s butt up GOOD; and, Calvin just keeps egging him on. Then, he flips over onto his back and immediately gets impaled spread eagle. Brady practically splits the sexy stud down the middle; and, Calvin just calls out for more. Brady hammers even harder and our boy busts! He covers his thick, muscled torso with a hearty helping of musky, man milk. Josh’s giant is ready to roar as well. He pulls out and spits spooge all over Bank’s freshly banged booty hole; then, he crams his still creaming cock back in and keeps right on pumping! — Watch the hardcore preview @ Helix Studios

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Coffee helps James get it up in the morning

James naked in the kitchen having coffee (Playgirl Online)

Here we find James, who isn’t particularly fond of clothes, starting the day in the kitchen with his morning coffee. He’s cute and all that. Seems like he might be good boyfriend material. But if he planted his naked butt on the spot where I chop my vegetables, we’re going to have a serious conversation — no matter how big and beautiful his cock is. That’s just something you do not do. See his Playgirl dick pics after the jump…


Jerome Exupery welcomes Niall Morris back to Bel Ami

Jerome Exupery & Niall Morris (Bel Ami Online)

Our flip-flop special this week is with 2 of our blond guys, Niall Morris and Jerome Exupery. This is the first scene Niall made for us after a 2 year break living and working in London as a barman, coming back home after determining that he didn’t like the weather there.

We start off with Marty trying to do a little interview with our prodigal son, but it seems that Jerome is too keen for the action to begin and keeps distracting Niall.

As this is a 2 day update and we get to see Jerome on top today, we can expect Niall to be returning the favour in a couple days time. — Watch the hardcore preview @ Bel Ami Online

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Hottest Gay Movies Streaming Right WOW!

“We’re bringing you the hottest gay movies streaming right this very moment, like Beach Rats on Hulu, Keep the Lights On on Amazon Prime, A Single Man on Netflix, Tom of Finland on Hulu, and The Cakemaker on Netflix! All this gay streaming will have you creaming…” — Mr. Man



The ValeDickTorian — Aspen and Quin Quire flip-fuck

Quin Quire & Aspen (Next Door Studios)

Class clown Aspen usually doesn’t take his studies very seriously, but he’s suddenly found a new interest in the test subject now that Quin Quire has agreed to tutor him. Quin can tell Aspen has only a passing interest in learning, and that he’s actually much more curious about a different subject entirely. It seems Aspen’s desire for discovery is more in the physical sciences than in finance. Luckily for Aspen, Quin is long on knowledge with a well-rounded base of expertise, and he’s more than willing to school Aspen in the three R’s: rimming, riding, and really big loads! — Watch the hardcore preview @ Next Door Studios

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