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Austin & Tyler Wolf flip-flop

Austin & Tyler Wolf (Randy Blue)

Tyler Wolf gets a special treat after Austin Wolf finishes fucking him. Austin bends over and lets Tyler fuck his big daddy butt. Watch this real life porn couple enjoy a passionate fuck.


Tyler Wolf does Kurtis Wolfe

Tyler Wolf & Kurtis Wolfe (Randy Blue)

First Kurtis Wolfe takes Tyler Wolf‘s big dick deep down his throat. Then Kurtis shoves his cock deep inside Tyler’s ass. It’s some intense suck and fuck action between two hungry wolves.


Angel Santiago seduces Tyler Wolf

Welcom to L.A. 2 -- Tyler Wolf does Angel Santiago

It’s do or die for Zane Porter and Angel Santiago when they have to pull off an art heist for their boss, homicidal homo Jordan Levine. Angel, posing as a rentboy, uses his luscious ass to distract his mark Tyler Wolf with a mesmerizing lap dance while Zane robs him blind.


Tyler Wolf strips & strokes

Hunky gay porn star Tyler Wolf

Tyler Wolf strips naked in the bedroom and jacks his thick cock until he busts a nut all over himself.


Tahoe: Snow Packed — Landon & Tyler

Tyler Wolf & Landon Conrad

Here’s one way to beat the summer heat. Get Snow Packed with Landon Conrad and Tyler Wolf as they hookup in a hot tub. They press their hot, nurse naked bodies together to kill the chill. Hardcore action after the jump…