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Desert Train — Jackson does Xavier

Xavier DePaula & Jackson Phillips (Titan Men)

A Thursday throwback. Is winter over yet? Let’s turn up the heat with some hot shots from Titan Men’s classic Desert Heat — now digitally remastered. Xavier De Paula is a hot little hitchhiker who gets the ride of his life from Jackson Phillips — one of the ’90s most excellent tops. I guess Xavier was all out of gas & grass, so he had to pay with his ass.

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Niko in a gay porn solo

Chip Nicolas (aka Niko) in First Crush (Titan Men)

Here’s a blast from the past. It’s straight porn star Niko (working under the alias Chip Nicolas) in one of his rare gay porn appearances in a solo jack off scene in the movie First Crush where he strokes his uncut cock after a workout.


Dean Flynn doubles his pleasure

Here’s four minutes of cock sucking action from Titan Men’s Double Standard… Titan Exclusive Dean Flynn is a chiseled city slicker whose having car trouble deep in the boondocks on a remote country road. He gets serviced (lip serviced, that is) by two redneck mechanics — Tyler Peter and Billy Berlin…

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