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Monday moon shot — Dominique

Dominique's best ass shots (MaleModel NL)

Meet Dominique, a sculpted fitness model from MaleModel NL. It’s evident from some of his frontal teaser shots that he’s packing some serious heat. But as you can see from these pin-ups, he’s got a lot going on around back too. Check out all of Dominque’s best ass shots after the jump…

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The real “Magic Mike”

Joe Manganiello, of True Blood and Magic Mike fame, produced and directed La Bare, a documentary about exotic dancers. And this, wishful thinkers, should serve as proof that he’s secretly gay. Yay! The bulges and buns obsessed documentary tells the true story of life at the night club that served as inspiration for the fictional flesh factory in the Channing Tatum male stripper flick. Watch this R-rated red band trailer and judge for yourself. Does this look like a movie that was shot by a man who likes cock?


Niko’s live Vegas strip show

Here’s Playgirl man and straight male porn star, Niko, in a Vegas strip show. He packs about a half dozen sex fantasy tropes in a single performance. He’s a cowboy. He’s a gypsy. He’s a gymnast. He’s Keanu Reeves. He even does the patented Matrix bullet time move. And since he was actually born in Transylvania and he played Jacob in a viral Twilight parody, he’s both a vampire and a werewolf!

It doesn’t get really good until about three minutes in when Niko finally rips off his breakaway stripper pants, revealing assless leather chaps underneath. This show is just “for ladies” but who could resist Niko writhing on all fours in nothing but a thong?