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Curtis drills Tate’s tight hole

Curtis & Tate: Bareback (Sean Cody)

So Curtis and Tate have a slight problem. These two horny country boys are both bottoms. Tate in particular likes it because he cums so hard when there’s a dick up his ass. And Curtis is a “slam pig” because, hey, it just feels good. But since Curtis just filmed a bottoming scene he gets to be the top. Problem solved. Curtis slowly sinks his thick dick into Tate’s tight bubble butt and fucks the cum out of him. Then after he jizzes all over Tate, Curtis licks up his own creamy cum. For round two, Curtis lets Tate ride his dick and fucks him to a second orgasm.


Tate takes his first dick from David

Sean Cody -- David & Tate: Bareback

Tate took a two year break from porn and during that break he hit the gym to pump up his muscles. Now he’s back, malady and he’s going to let his ass get pumped by David.

But first he’s going to let David film his buff body. David must like what he sees, cialis because when Tate drops his pants David dives face first into his cherry ass right before fucking him raw. David pounds Tate until he’s moaning and spurting cum.

After a shower, Tate’s newly broken in bubble butt is ready for more. This time David fucks him on his back to a second orgasm. When David blows his wad it’s so explosive the jism spatters all over Tate’s chest. David laps it up!

This was the first time Tate had a dick in his butt, and he liked it. David must’ve really done a number on Tate’s prostate because his dick was still rock hard and dripping cum long after their fuck scene was finished.