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Cory taps Tanner’s ass

Tanner & Cory: Bareback (Sean Cody)

Tanner and Cory both like to have a good time outdoors and just goof off, so what’s a great way to put all that energy to use? A water balloon fight! How does that old saying go again? “Boys will be boys.” That is definitely appropriate for these two studs playing around and getting each other wet. When it came to getting down to business, they couldn’t keep their hands off each other! Cory really went all out on Tanner’s ass. “I’m just letting him do his thing!” Tanner definitely enjoyed the ride. It was an extra treat to see Cory shoot his load into Tanner and watch it drip out of his ass! — Sean Cody


Tanner fucks Shaw’s virgin ass

Tanner & Shaw: Bareback (Sean Cody)

Shaw has been pleasantly surprising us with his willingness to try out new things each time he comes back, and this time his interest was in bottoming! He had the perfect guy in mind to do the deed… Tanner!

“I’ve been doing a couple of firsts, and I think with you I’m gonna try bottoming.”

Tanner was shocked, “You’re gonna bottom for me?” He had the biggest smile on his face.

Tanner has a way with making people feel comfortable around him, so it wasn’t a surprise that Shaw chose him for his first time taking it up the ass. After having his way with Tanner, it was Shaw’s turn to take it… and boy did he take it good!

“How did it feel, Shaw?”

“I’ve never orgasmed like that in my life!” Something tells me he’ll be back for more. — Sean Cody


Brodie bones Tanner’s butt

Brodie & Tanner: Bareback (Sean Cody)

These two have known each other for a few years now and had actually requested to work together for a duo scene. “I mean we worked together in The Getaway, but it was never really the two of us going at it.” Brodie cleared the air.

Brodie and Tanner started off their day playing in the high surf and tossing each other around. “I’m pretty excited to ride his dick, I remember it being pretty huge!” Tanner laughed.

“You’re memory is right. It is huge!” Brodie and Tanner both laughed. The sexual chemistry these two had in the shower after getting back from the beach was intense and we all knew it was going to be a great scene. — Sean Cody


Winter Getaway: Day 5

Winter Getaway Day 5 (Sean Cody)

Robbie, Atticus, Brendan, Blake and Porter arrive on day five, joining Lane, Brodie, Joey, Tanner and Rowan to create the biggest Sean Cody orgy to date.


Winter Getaway: Day 3

Winter Getaway Day 3 (Sean Cody)

Tanner and Rowan heat up the kitchen with some hot bareback flip-fuck action.


Winter Getaway: Day One

Winter Getaway - Day 1 (Sean Cody)

See what happens when five Sean Cody fuck buddies — Lane, Brodie, Joey, Tanner and Rowan — take some time off for some fun in the mountains.


Jess taps Tanner’s hot ass

Jess & Tanner: Bareback (Sean Cody)

Jess — a lanky twinks with a huge cock (and X-Men director Bryan Singer’s alleged ex-boyfriend) — taps Tanner’s hot ass in this hardcore Sean Cody bareback scene. Even though he’s hung like a horse, Tanner still manages to deep throat his enormous cock.


Blake and Tanner do the nasty

Tanner & Blake fuck bareback (Sean Cody)

Blake wants to get nasty, seek and Tanner’s happy to oblige. So Tanner leans Blake up against a door, strips him naked, eats his ass, then fucks him from behind.


Tanner breaks in Trevor

Tanner & Trevor: Bareback (Sean Cody)

When Trevor returns for his first boy-boy scene Tanner has the honor of breaking him in. Trevor’s ready to try some new things, diagnosis which includes his first gay blowjob, cialis a facial & first taste of cum, viagra and a rimjob followed by some finger banging. Tanner doesn’t exactly pop Trevor’s cherry, but he does leave it covered in cream.


Tanner creampies Dusty’s ass

Sean Cody -- Dusty & Tanner: Bareback

Tanner (looking smoking hot with a beard) and Dusty begin their porn date by going fishing down at the pier. (Tanner’s a self-described “master baiter.”) Then it’s back to the Sean Cody fuck house for two rounds of hot sex.

Round one begins in the shower, tadalafil where Tanner reams Dusty’s cute blond butt under a steamy spray. Then Tanner takes Dusty into the rec room and starts tongue fucking his ass to get him warmed up for some good, salve old fashioned dick fucking. He makes Dusty cum while pumping his ass. Dusty rewards Tanner by giving him a blowjob. They have simultaneous orgasms while Dusty rides Tanner’s cock. Tanner rubs one out while getting piston pumped, and Tanner busts a nut while his cock is still deep inside him.


Tanner does Duke bareback

Sean Cody -- Duke & Tanner: Bareback

Duke‘s got a perfect ass, but Tanner‘s not jealous because he knows it’s going to be his. Duke’s also got a big, banana-shaped cock that Tanner can barely fit down his throat. But when it’s Tanner’s turn to get fucked he has no trouble making Duke’s big dick disappear up his butt.

Watch this hot blond and brunette pair have flip-flop bareback sex at Sean Cody!


Serviced with a smile

Ripped Recruits Watch Full HD movie now in Male-Erotika Gay Porn Theater

Axl gives Tanner a blowjob, and it’s clear that he enjoys his work because he has a big grin on his face when he comes up for air in this scene from Active Duty’s Ripped Recruits.