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Mike Huckabee doesn’t heart sodomy

In a bizarre exchange on his Fox News talkshow, no rx failed Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee desperately tries to win the approval of New York City nightlife hostess Amanda Lepore.

Towards the end of their gabfest — about four minutes in — the former fatso tells the surgically altered style icon that he’s definitely not in favor of sodomy. “Scout’s honor, patient ” he says, putting his hand up.

Why Huckabee would say this to Amanda Lepore remains a mystery. Did she make a pass at him in the green room? Is he afraid she might fashion a new penis out of his redundant skin and rape him with it?

Apparently Huckabee hasn’t quite gotten the hang of this new talkshow gig. He kept calling Amanda “Ann” throughout the interview.

I must say, though, it looks like Amanda has scaled back on the silicone injections. This is an improvement — albeit ever so slight — on her previous look.