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Shaw breaks in Emmett

Emmett & Shaw: Bareback (Sean Cody)

Emmett has never been with another man before, and — after a night of wining and dining at a French cafe — he can’t wait to go deep inside “manly man” Shaw. He’s so excited he can’t stop his hand from creeping up Shaw’s inner thigh towards his crotch during their pre-interview.


Shaw lets Randy go deep

Randy & Shaw (Sean Cody)

Randy and Shaw are both big guys with big dicks, and after a bit of a muscle comparison, we asked Randy what the plan was for the day.

‘Maybe just throw the football around, maybe run a couple of routes… until the real fun starts, you know?’

We asked Shaw about the ‘real fun.’

‘He goes deep now, I go deep later?’

Randy corrected him, ‘Or maybe I’ll be going deep.’

The two muscle men got excited to get the ball rolling, and even though Shaw hasn’t seen Randy’s thick, uncut cock, he was eager to have that piece of meat in him.” — Sean Cody

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Parker tops Shaw

Shaw & Parker: Bareback (Sean Cody)

“A pitcher, a catcher, wood and a couple of balls… no, we’re not talking about baseball, although, hotties Parker and Shaw played some ball before getting down and dirty. ‘I’m pretty good with the balls, he might be better with the wood, we’ll see what happens… no puns intended! Get your mind out of the gutter! We’re playing baseball!’ Shaw laughed. Of course, Shaw. He surprises us every time he comes back with how much he likes taking dick, and Parker really gave him a run for his money.” — Sean Cody

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Nixon fucks Shaw’s cute ass

Nixon & Shaw: Bareback (Sean Cody)

There isn’t much out there that beats hot, shirtless, muscle men riding bikes on a hot day… other than the same sexy men riding each other, of course! Nixon gave Shaw a run for his money while biking on dirt roads and hills. “He’s having a hard time keeping up, but you know, I’m slowing down for him.” Shaw may have had a hard time keeping up on the bike, but he sure did well keeping up while Nixon’s was pounding his tight hole! Shaw’s moans of pleasure grew louder as Nixon fucked him harder and faster. Needless to say, cum was everywhere in the end! — Sean Cody


Shaw & Daniel really hit it off

Shaw & Daniel: Bareback (Sean Cody)

A bouncing ball and sweaty shirtless men? Count me in! Clearly, Shaw and Daniel hit it off right from the get-go. Playing basketball was a great way to start the day, seeing as how sweat and bouncing balls is all they needed to get them all horned up! With Daniel saying “You want some of this?” and Shaw responding eagerly “Yeah, let’s fucking do this!”, we knew this was going to be a hot fuck session. Daniel’s wild side is exactly what Shaw needed to let loose and enjoy the ride… I think it’s safe to say that both Shaw and Daniel were left wanting more while being surrounded by so much cum! — Sean Cody


Tanner fucks Shaw’s virgin ass

Tanner & Shaw: Bareback (Sean Cody)

Shaw has been pleasantly surprising us with his willingness to try out new things each time he comes back, and this time his interest was in bottoming! He had the perfect guy in mind to do the deed… Tanner!

“I’ve been doing a couple of firsts, and I think with you I’m gonna try bottoming.”

Tanner was shocked, “You’re gonna bottom for me?” He had the biggest smile on his face.

Tanner has a way with making people feel comfortable around him, so it wasn’t a surprise that Shaw chose him for his first time taking it up the ass. After having his way with Tanner, it was Shaw’s turn to take it… and boy did he take it good!

“How did it feel, Shaw?”

“I’ve never orgasmed like that in my life!” Something tells me he’ll be back for more. — Sean Cody


Shaw fucks Robbie bareback

Shaw & Robbie: Bareback (Sean Cody)

After Robbie recently lost his virginity, he discovered he’s a power bottom. Now he wants to get fucked by a real man. And it looks like hung, handsome and muscular Shaw is the man for the job.


Blake breaks in str8 guy Shaw

Blake & Shaw: Bareback (Sean Cody)

When sexy straight stud Shaw said he was looking for new sexual experiences he wasn’t kidding. Shaw lived up to his promise by returning for a boy-boy scene with Blake. Watch Shaw jerk Blake off while piledriving him, rubbing out a thick, creamy load.


Shaw shows off his hot body

Shaw (Sean Cody)

Shaw is just about perfect. He’s ruggedly handsome with a chiseled, athletic body, natural body hair and a pretty big dick. But he’s straight. (One major flaw.) Though he did move to California because he’s looking for “new sexual experiences” and he likes to have fun with his clothes off. And he hasn’t rules out hooking up with other guys. So there’s that.