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Going gay — Michael Vegas serviced

Here’s another gay porn video featuring straight male porn star Michael Vegas. This time Michael (aka James Oak) builds confidence and self-esteem by using a penis enlargement kit. Not that he needs it. Afterward, he lets a man cop a feel while measuring his dick, checking for enhanced length and girth. Then he jacks off while fucking himself with a big, rubber dildo. But that’s not all! Michael makes a POV blowjob video by recording himself getting serviced by a gay guy. The dude gets him off by fingering his prostate and then licks the cum off Michael’s stomach.


Porter & Ollie double their fun

Ollie & Porter: Bareback (Sean Cody)

Versatile hunks Porter and Ollie take turns fucking each other in this flip-flop scene. Then they double their pleasure and double their fun when they add a double-ended dildo to the mix for some ass-to-ass action.


Ricky fucks a Fleshjack

Watch Ricky slide his slippery, uncut cock into a Fleshjack. Pascal’s always wanted to watch him fuck. So he photographs him from behind while Ricky humps his fuck toy.


Ooh, Santa, baby!

Jordan Levine & Greg Jameson (Randy Blue)

Jordan Levine‘s biker Santa delivers a bag of vibrating misfit toys to that naughty boy Greg Jameson. And it looks like the batteries were included.


Jimmy Clay fucks himself

Randy Blue -- Jimmy Clay

Jimmy Clay‘s feeling a special tingle down below and needs some extra stimulation. So he uses a vibrator on his ass while he strokes his pretty cock.


Levi Karter & his toys

Levi Karter

Sometimes, if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. Levi Karter has a pleasure chest full of sex toys. A dildo, a cock sleeve, a penis pump, a vibrator, and a whole lotta lube. These are just the right tools to get the job done. Watch Levi fuck himself silly at Cocky Boys!


Lance Alexander milks his cock

Lance Alexander

Strapping SoCal surfer Lance Alexander strips and strokes his big, banana-shaped cock while giving himself a prostate massage in his first solo scene at Randy Blue.


Cam boy Levi Michaels

Levi Michaels

Levi Michaels puts on a solo sex show at Randy Blue, using a dildo on his hot, blond ass until he splooges all over himself.


Spencer Fox needs to be punished

Spencer Fox BDSM

Spencer Fox let the team down, so coach Tommy Deluca punishes his cute little faggot ass by stuffing it with a butt plug.


Ricky Case pleasures himself


Ricky Case beats off in a hot sauna. Hot naked pics below the fold…


Karel Rok dildo J/O

Karel Rok

You’ve heard the expression “Go fuck yourself.” Cute European porn star Karel Rok shows us what that looks like. First he simulates fellatio on the big rubber dong, viagra sale then he rams it up his cute ass — eventually blowing his load and licking the cum off his fingers. Hardcore naked high resolution jerk off pics after the jump…


Pump it up, homeboy, just like that!

Nude male model Kurt AndersonHis nom de porn is Kurt Anderson, cialis but he sometimes uses the stage name Don Antonio. He’s the mystery man from our titty twister logo.

Ironically, he remains a mystery even though I have his info on file, because I haven’t been able to find anything else he’s done — aside from another photo shoot that we have where he’s taking a bath.

There’s just something about his ruggedly handsome, vaguely sinister appearance that makes me want to scream “O daddy!” and drop my shorts. You can be sure that if I was at this photo shoot, he wouldn’t need that penis pump.

If you recognize this guy or if you’ve seen him anything else, leave a comment or send me a tip. Thanks.

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Brodie punished with hard butt fuck

Brodie Sinclair - Click to enlargeBrodie Sinclair. Some people love him. Some people hate him. And I mean really, purchase really hate him. Me? I reserve that level of intense hatred for crooked politicians and out of touch media hacks who hurt America by asking retarded questions at political debates instead of focusing on issues that matter. But then I don’t have to deal with all the backstage drama like some of the haters do.

He is fun to look at. Ya gotta give him that. I am dubious about his gay-for-pay shtick, discount though. And I was underwhelmed by his performance in the last video I saw him in — Basic Plumbing 3.

But when you have a model who looks like he was assembled from genetic material donated by Matt Damon and Mark Walberg (aka donkey-dick Dirk Diggler) my reservations get tossed out with last month’s Undergear catalogue, try and I at least have to give him a look-see.

First Brodie discovered the joys of prostate massage when he fucked his own ass with a dildo. And now he’s advancing to the rear with a bottoming scene for his friends over at CockyBoys.

Fellow heterosexualist RC Ryan is the lucky (or not so lucky) bastard who pops Brodie’s cherry. They don’t even pretend to be anything but two straight boys getting paid to have gay sex. But this isn’t some mushy bromance taken to the next level. According to the CockyBoys website…

“This scene is more like a straight boy being punished – finally submitting to a taboo – doing something that he really doesn’t want to do.”

Wow! Punished? I wonder how many haters out there want to punish Brodie’s ass? When I got to that “doing something that he really doesn’t want to do” part — I think it moved.

The CockyBoys press material goes on to say…

“What happened next while shooting the scene shocked us all – Brodie actually had an orgasm while he was on his stomach (don’t ask me to explain that – Brodie couldn’t explain it either).”

Uh, yeah. It’s called a prostate orgasm, guys. They’re not only fun, but they’re good for you to!

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