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Nelson Troy dildo J/O

Nelson Troy fucks himself with a dildo at Cock Boys!

This 26-year-old platinum blond hunk, recipe Nelson Troy, click gives me an instant hard-on. I can’t decide if it’s his ripped physique, slutty dye job, or his vague resemblance to Colin Farrell that does it for me. Maybe it’s a combination of all three. He got that body by working as a part-time dancer and personal trainer. Here he is reaming his own ass with a rubber cock until he achieves a thoroughly satisfying orgasm…

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About Nelson Troy

If tight buff muscle boys are your thing then you’re in for a treat today. Big dicked beefcake, Nelson Troy, took me up on my offer to video tape him fucking himself on film. This tanned blonde hottie starts off by playing with his thick dick – smacking it against his tight abs and jerking it off. Then he reaches for a dildo (that’s none too small) and gets it wet by shoving it down his throat. After he’s done blowing the plastic cock he lubes it up and starts working his hot tight hole with it. He moves is it in and out as he jerks off his dick. He decides to give me a better view by bending over for the camera while he fucks himself with the dildo. He rolls back over on his back and keeps shoving that rubber cock into his ass while he jerks off until he blows a load all over his ripped abs, the dildo still shoved all the way up his hot hole. Who needs a man when you’ve got a thick 9 inch portable cock right? Check it. — Cocky Boys


Trent Diesel can take all 12 inches

He’s dabbled in straight porn, and now Trent Diesel is taking a stab at man-to-man action. John the photographer shoves a foot long rubber dong up Trent’s ass, and Trent takes it all the way down to the hilt. He even manages a double dildo penetration!

Watch him get reamed in HD at Drake Rock.

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Braxton Bond is soaking in it

Gay porn star Braxton Bond gets fondled, finger fucked, and anally probed by John the cameraman. When he sees John’s raging hard-on, Braxton offers to take care of it for him, and John empties his balls all over Braxton’s face!

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Leo Giamani diddles while Roman burns

EDITOR’S NOTE: Roman Heart and Leo Giamani headline this feature. Roman’s a self-confessed size queen so you know he was just aching to get slammed by Leo’s enormous cock. Other hightlights… Luke Hass probes Tory Mason’s sweet little tooshie with a sex toy that looks like a xylophone mallet. The Jarics have a multi-orgasmic threeway with a double-ender. And Nash Lawler and Spencer Stone make love down by the fire…

Falcon Studios Press Notes — Candlelight sets the tone for the perfect romantic scene. Toss in an intoxicating glass of wine, wild strawberries dipped in chocolate, two horny men and everything falls into place. The sexual tension between Luke Hass and Tory Mason is immediate; passionate kissing leads to carnal manaction. Propping Tory onto the table, Luke feasts on his cock, sucking it down and nibbling the mushroom tip. He’s so excited, his own hard dick emits a viscous string of precum. Then he begins playing with Tory’s asshole, first rimming it, then sliding a small red sphere inside. Tory’s sphincter stretches to accept and then release the orb. Tory begs to be fucked and his wish is granted. Luke pumps his cock in and out as Tory jacks himself off. Whether Tory is on his back, standing and getting it from behind, or even as he sits on Luke’s cock, he’s getting the best fuck imaginable in an easy rhythm. Both are brimming with passion before Tory shoots his load, followed by Luke with his torrents.

Ascending the staircase hand in hand, Aden and Jordan Jaric reach the top and celebrate their love. Passionate kissing leads to sensuous foreplay as Jordan kneels before Aden to suck his cock. Because these two have been an exclusive couple for a long time, they know the secrets of each other’s bodies, what buttons to push to make the other quake, what special trickery they’ve mastered to keep the passion burning fiercely. They take turns sucking cock before they rim each other’s ass – familiar territory their tongues have travelled many times before. Then Jordan plunges his cock into Aden’s hole, fucking him hard. They switch roles and Aden plows into Jordan’s ass with as much profound intensity if not more. Then laying on their backs, ass to ass, they connect via a two-headed dildo crammed up their holes. They twist and gyrate, growing more and more stimulated. They start beating their meat and then Aden and Jordan are home free as they explode with blasts of cum -– Jordan twice.

Stoking the flames of manlust and passion are Nash Lawler and Spencer Stone. Engaged in a game of gin, Nash emerges the winner which inspires Spencer to acknowledge the grinning victor by sucking on his hard dick, thoroughly enjoying each precious inch of manmeat. His appetite for more of his handsome partner’s fleshy bounty soon has him rimming his hole, jabbing his tongue deep inside Nash’s crack. This drives Nash so crazed and horny that he goes down on Spencer to suck on his cock. Then Nash has Spencer upended and balancing on his shoulders, his ass in the air ready to be poked. The excited and muscled fireplug fucks his buddy up the whazoo. The action is so hot, so intense, neither man can stop exclaiming back and forth how good it all feels. Nash continues to fuck Spencer in different positions until they each climax and shoot their wads.

Roman Heart and Leo Giamani join forces for a romantic romp in their tub of love. Bathed in candlelight and fueled with sparkling champagne, the two men engage in a heavy suck and fuck whirlpool of manlove. Roman dives onto Leo’s thick dick and hearty meatballs, greedily feeding himself before Leo returns the favor and starts to fellate his horny playmate. Then Leo fucks Roman up the ass, working with fervor as his balls swing back and forth. Roman sits on top of Leo’s hefty flagpole and rides him hard, sighing with every slide up and down. Leo continues to screw Roman even more as he lays on his back. Choking his dick and beating off, Roman finally unloads and shoots his wad across his belly. Leo follows and blasts his cream onto Roman – their milky deposits commingling. The lovers snuggle, spooning and kissing, exhausted and totally satisfied.

Falcon Studios presents Burning Desires – Directed by John Bruno – Starring: Roman Heart, Leo Giamani, Falcon Exclusive Couple Aden & Jordan Jaric, Nash Lawler, Tory Mason, Luke Hass and Spencer Stone