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Bold and beautiful Nick


Nick, viagra sale a furry 21-year-old twink, was recently outed as former child actor Jeremy Scott Snider after losing his cherry at Sean Cody.

His mother, Katherine Kelly Lang, plays Brooke on The Bold and the Beautiful. But his family’s no stranger to porn. His dad, Skott Snider, used to direct and produce videos for Playboy.

Full frontal nudes after the jump…


HDTV Design Star is former porn star

So another openly gay reality show star comes out of the porn closet. His name is Michael Verdugo — Mikey V. to his fans. He’s a front runner on HDTV’s “Design Star” — a show I’d never even heard of until now.

About a dozen years ago Verdugo, see a former cop, order did a B&D video called Rope Rituals for Tom “Ropes” McGurk with a well known porn star named Chris McKenzie.

The submissive slave Mikey V. (acting under the name Jeremy Wess) did a bondage session with dominating master McKenzie. Their bondage rituals included hogtying, whip cracking, and cum spurting. The video is currently out of print, but it’s available on VOD at xTube. A video clip and photos are posted below…

Incidentally, a set of hardcore Chris McKenzie pix was posted here on the old version of this site. He was quite popular back in the day.

UPDATE: Verdugo was voted off the show, and his police dept. place him on administrative leave pending an investigation by internal affairs.

UPDATE II: Rope Rituals producer Christopher O’Neal denies that Mikey V and the bondage star are the same person. He told the Miami Herald that the porn actor who used the stage name Jeremy Wess presented photo ID with a name other than Michael Verdugo.

UPDATE III: “Design Star” staged a reunion, but Mikey V. was conspicuously absent.


A wide stance

Ex-gay porn star Rod Majors in Tijuana Toilet Tramps with Jared Clark

This photo set has a scandalous backstory. One of the models was a well known gay porn star who went by the names Rod Majors and Pierre Labranche way back in the 1990s. He also did some escorting under the handle “Excellent-Top” and had an active account at Hooboy’s Male Escort Reviews as recently as May 23, click 2001. But he’s since reinvented himself as an arch-conservative, cialis rabidly homophobic Republican activist who includes radical rightwing flamethrowers like Ann Coulter and Michael Savage as some of his role models.

He got quite a bit of press last year because he was given an award at the same conference where Ann Coulter called John Edwards a faggot. Fleshbot used to track his misadventures, but got bored with him. But the snarks over at Queerty and “The Gawker” delight in cataloging his idiocy. Grant it, they do seem to be getting bored with his tiresome shtick though.

I dug out this photo set because he simply will not go away. Last week he published some nonsense on a lunatic fringe web site about Barack Obama’s gay problem. You see, Rod is one of those Republicans who is obsessed with all things LGBT. Every few weeks he spouts off on some gay-themed topic. Which is odd coming from a guy who markets himself as a “war correspondent.” He had quite a lot to say about the Larry Craig scandal, but that should come as no surprise — for obvious reasons.

About a year and a half before Larry Craig turned “a wide stance” into a humorous catchphrase, Rod launched his career as a rightwing poster boy with a Columbia Spectator article titled “A Firm Stance.” In the accompanying photo Rod was shown posing with a — you guessed it! — wide stance. It didn’t take long for gay porn fans and a few of his former escorting clients to recognize him.