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Bold and beautiful Nick


Nick, viagra sale a furry 21-year-old twink, was recently outed as former child actor Jeremy Scott Snider after losing his cherry at Sean Cody.

His mother, Katherine Kelly Lang, plays Brooke on The Bold and the Beautiful. But his family’s no stranger to porn. His dad, Skott Snider, used to direct and produce videos for Playboy.

Full frontal nudes after the jump…


Is Levi’s ‘johnston’ worth $25,000?

Unzipped magazine wants Levi Johnston’s ass, sovaldi sale and — shooting for more than just the moon — has offered him $25, ed 000 to do a solo jerk off video. Queerty, a gay culture blog, is willing to go as high as $50,000 to get Levi out of his Levis and into another guy. Good luck with that.

I doubt we’ll be seeing the Johnston johnson anytime soon, but if his fauxmance with Kathy Griffin tells us anything, it’s that Levi Johnston would do just about anything for attention.

Now that I know he’s feuding with the Wicked Witch of Wasilla I no longer hate myself for finding him just a little bit cute.


If you’re a young gay porn star, bible college is not your friend

It sucks to be Vincent DeSalvo.

This adorable, ambulance 22-year-old Randy Blue cutie was a student at the conservative Christian Grove City College — alma mater of ex-gay quack “Dr.” Warren Throckmorton — until one of his classmates ratted him out to school administrators after finding one of his gay porn videos online found his porn videos online and then forwarded them to other students. Eventually school administrators got wind of it.

The school suspended DeSalvo for one year because getting fucked in the ass while sucking cock is the sort of behavior that runs “contrary to the values” of the school.

Just goes to show conservative Christianity and liberated sexuality do not mix. Unless you do it on the down low. Apparently the classmate that narc’d on him after jerking off to finding one of his gay porn videos wasn’t punished for trawling the internet for gay porn.

UPDATE: More details about DeSalvo’s treatment at “Christian” college. He’s been pelted with food, sales and he’s received over 200 threatening e-mails from fellow students. So far no one has be disciplined for their hateful treatment of DeSalvo.

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Anti-Gay New Life Church tried to cover up Haggard’s sex abuse

So it turns out the sexual relationship Ted Haggard had with a closeted New Life Church volunteer was non-consensual. The man, sovaldi sale Grant Haas, cialis went to the New Life Church because he was “struggling” with his sexual orientation. After his exploitative relationship with Haggard and the church, cialis Haas became suicidal. The church paid the man $180,000 — ostensibly for medical expenses — with the stipulation that he not go public. But the church reneged, and now Haas is going public. Never trust a wealthy preacher or a mega-church that can afford to throw six-figure sums in hush money at sex abuse victims.


HDTV Design Star is former porn star

So another openly gay reality show star comes out of the porn closet. His name is Michael Verdugo — Mikey V. to his fans. He’s a front runner on HDTV’s “Design Star” — a show I’d never even heard of until now.

About a dozen years ago Verdugo, see a former cop, order did a B&D video called Rope Rituals for Tom “Ropes” McGurk with a well known porn star named Chris McKenzie.

The submissive slave Mikey V. (acting under the name Jeremy Wess) did a bondage session with dominating master McKenzie. Their bondage rituals included hogtying, whip cracking, and cum spurting. The video is currently out of print, but it’s available on VOD at xTube. A video clip and photos are posted below…

Incidentally, a set of hardcore Chris McKenzie pix was posted here on the old version of this site. He was quite popular back in the day.

UPDATE: Verdugo was voted off the show, and his police dept. place him on administrative leave pending an investigation by internal affairs.

UPDATE II: Rope Rituals producer Christopher O’Neal denies that Mikey V and the bondage star are the same person. He told the Miami Herald that the porn actor who used the stage name Jeremy Wess presented photo ID with a name other than Michael Verdugo.

UPDATE III: “Design Star” staged a reunion, but Mikey V. was conspicuously absent.


A wide stance

Ex-gay porn star Rod Majors in Tijuana Toilet Tramps with Jared Clark

This photo set has a scandalous backstory. One of the models was a well known gay porn star who went by the names Rod Majors and Pierre Labranche way back in the 1990s. He also did some escorting under the handle “Excellent-Top” and had an active account at Hooboy’s Male Escort Reviews as recently as May 23, click 2001. But he’s since reinvented himself as an arch-conservative, cialis rabidly homophobic Republican activist who includes radical rightwing flamethrowers like Ann Coulter and Michael Savage as some of his role models.

He got quite a bit of press last year because he was given an award at the same conference where Ann Coulter called John Edwards a faggot. Fleshbot used to track his misadventures, but got bored with him. But the snarks over at Queerty and “The Gawker” delight in cataloging his idiocy. Grant it, they do seem to be getting bored with his tiresome shtick though.

I dug out this photo set because he simply will not go away. Last week he published some nonsense on a lunatic fringe web site about Barack Obama’s gay problem. You see, Rod is one of those Republicans who is obsessed with all things LGBT. Every few weeks he spouts off on some gay-themed topic. Which is odd coming from a guy who markets himself as a “war correspondent.” He had quite a lot to say about the Larry Craig scandal, but that should come as no surprise — for obvious reasons.

About a year and a half before Larry Craig turned “a wide stance” into a humorous catchphrase, Rod launched his career as a rightwing poster boy with a Columbia Spectator article titled “A Firm Stance.” In the accompanying photo Rod was shown posing with a — you guessed it! — wide stance. It didn’t take long for gay porn fans and a few of his former escorting clients to recognize him.

Larry Craig’s Bobblefoot

Today is the first — and probably the last — Larry Craig Bobblefoot Day.

The St. Paul Saints, and a minor league baseball team in Minnesota, is commemorating Larry Craig’s June 11, ’07 arrest by giving a “bobblefoot” doll to the first 2,500 fans attending today’s game against the Fort Worth Cats.

The keepsake depicts a toe-tapping man in an occupied bathroom stall.

Last summer Craig was arrested for soliciting an undercover cop in a airport men’s room and charged with peeping and disorderly conduct. According to the police report Craig signaled the cop by tapping his foot under the stall.

Craig pleaded guilty to the disorderly conduct charge, but insisted “I am not gay. I never have been gay,” at a press conference, after thanking reporters for “coming out.”

Would-be crankers should be forewarned. The phone number scrawled in mock graffiti on the side of the stall does not belong to Larry Craig.

UPDATE: Larry Craig will never live this down.


Lucky there’s a family guy

Rep. Vito Fossella (R-NY) is a “family values” Republican.

Vito Fossella values family so much he boycotts any family event that also includes his lesbian sister and her partner. He values family so much he voted against funding for joint adoptions by gay couples. He values family so much he supports a federal ban on gay marriage. His value of the family runs so deep and wide he started two of them — one with his wife on Staten Island and another with his mistress in Virginia.

Fossella’s secret double life was exposed after he was arrested in Virginia for driving under the influence with a blood alcohol level more than twice the legal limit.


Because G.O.P. = Gay Old Perverts

Toe-tapping Republican elephantA young Republican from Pennsylvania named Marshall McCurdy filed a rape charge against Bruce Barclay, medical the Republican commissioner of Cumberland County. Police obtained a warrant to search Barclay’s home, cialis but instead of finding evidence to support the rape charge, look they found videotapes. Hours and hours of videotapes showing hundreds of sexual encounters between Barclay and other men. Barclay used high-tech surveillance cameras to tape these encounters and apparently did it without consent from his partners.

On the upside, these tapes vindicated Barclay by proving he had consensual sex with his 20-year-old accuser. On the downside, since he videotaped these sex acts without permission, he might face charges for invading the privacy of his male conquests. He’s also in hot water because the men on these sex tapes were hired from a now-defunct escort site called Barclay, who was forced to resign over the scandal, admitted hiring male prostitutes on a weekly basis. In one instance he flew an escort to his second home in Florida and paid him $1,500 for his services.

As for his accuser, Marshall McCurdy could end up serving a three-year prison sentence for filing a false police report against his former lover.

The Face of 'Mo

All this talk of secret trysts between conservative closet-cases and gay-for-pay frat boys evokes images of Sean Cody-style wankery. Or, perhaps, images of Michael C. Hall as David Fisher eating ice cream off Christopher Gorham’s washboard abs. If you happen to find any of this titillating, let me remind you of something.

This is the face of the typical closeted gay Republican.

It’s a face desiccated by the ravages of denial and self-hate. It’s the face of a man who has to suppress the urge to sing “The Trolley Song” every morning when he takes a shower because his oblivious wife might begin to suspect something. It’s the face of a man who has to pretend he enjoys football. The face of a man who must purposefully avert his eyes during the huddle lest someone notice he’s staring at the tight end’s tight end. This is the face of a man who would frequently risk everything — his career, his reputation, and probably his health — for some cheap thrills with a parade of total strangers because he’s unwilling to live honestly, out in the open.

It also happens to be a face that looks an awful lot like that creepy, undead cult leader from Poltergeist II: The Other Side. To paraphrase Carol Anne Freeling, “They’re… queer!

H/T: TPMMuckraker