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Titus Stallone at the beach

Titus Stallone

Just a hot guy named Titus Stallone in a tiny speedo at the beach. And some prick teasing semi-nudes.


Jesse Santana making a comeback

Jesse Santana

So Jesse Santana’s getting back into the skin biz. It wasn’t a very long hiatus. Prick teasing semi-nude pics after the jump…


Ace DeCarlo in the shower

Ace DeCarlo

Ace DeCarlo has a striking profile. They must’ve found him on the side of a classical Greek vase. Visit Randy Blue to watch Nick Sterling eat his ass and deep throat his cock in the shower…


Jamie Bamber bears all

Jamie Bamber PETA ad

“Battlestar Galactica” star Jamie Bamber is baring all to save the Canadian black bears. Well, doctor he’s baring some anyway. Such a prick tease! It’s a PETA publicity stunt so don’t expect to see too much. This does bring back fond memories of that very special episode of BSG, site though. The one where Apollo has trouble keeping his towel on.

Jamie Bamber celebrity stalker shrine