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Jimmy does Dominic, the self-sucker

Jimmy Fanz fucks Dominic Santos (Randy Blue)

Jimmy Fanz gets the best of both when he bottoms for Dominic Santos. See, purchase Dominic is so flexible, physician he can suck his own cock. Which means he can show Jimmy how he likes it while Jimmy’s giving him head. Dominic can also lean over and give Jimmy a blowjob while he’s fucking him. Good times!


Dominic Santos — Self-Sucker

Dominic Santos

Dominic Santos demonstrates his many hidden talents in his first solo scene. He’s extremely flexible. Like, really, really flexible. He can do the splits. He can bounce his juicy, black booty. And — oh yeah — he can suck his own dick. He can lean over and lick and suck his big, fat cock while fingering his ass. It’s a suck and fuck solo scene that ends with Dominic swallowing his own cum.


Danny Roddick helps Dean Phoenix suck his own dick

I was surprised to see such a solidly built hunk like Dean Phoenix could suck his own uncut cock. If he can do it, find maybe there’s hope for the rest of us! Here he is in a scene from Brotherhood with the late Danny Roddick (RIP). Danny gives Dean a rimjob while Dean performs fellatio on himself.

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“There was a young man from Nantucket…”

James Jamesson demonstrates why stretching is the most important part of every workout. With enough stretching you might eventually become limber enough to give yourself a blowjob. Of course, view it helps if you already have a really big dick like James here.

James throws his feet over his head, thumb lifting his pretty little ass in the air, treat and starts licking and kissing the head of his fat prick until he blows a load all over his face.

This reminds me of that dirty old limerick…

“There was a young man from Nantucket
Whose dick was so big he could suck it.
And he said with a grin
As he wiped off his chin,
‘If my ear were a cunt butt, I would fuck it.'”

Enjoy this teaser video, or join Next Door Male to see the money shot.

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The self-satisfied self-sucker

Watch him suck his own dick at Dirty Boy Video

If amateur Dirty Boy Potter looks excessively pleased with himself, viagra sale prostate it’s because he figured out at an early age that he can suck his own cock.

Potter was clowning with some friends and managed to get both legs behind his head. That’s when someone exclaimed, diagnosis “This dude can suck his own dick!” It had never occurred to Potter that he could do this, seek so he went home, locked himself in his room, and went to town. And that’s how young hairy Potter had his first orgasm — by sucking a load out of his own cock.


Mr. Do-It-Yourself — Duke Lewis

About Duke Lewis

You may watch Duke because he’s tall and handsome. You may watch because of his lean-athletic build. But you’ll KEEP watching because Duke can suck his own thick cock standing up, recipe sitting, or even upside down! Watch this multi-talented athlete strip, stroke, and suck his own dick in this super-hot solo. — Jake Cruise

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Serge the self-sucker

Auto-fellatio -- Serge the Self-Sucker

Serge’s a bit on the husky side, search so his hidden talent is somewhat surprising. The folks at say that any man could do this with a little practice. I’m sure everyone born with a dick has attempted this at some point in their lives. Go on, admit it! According to Kinsey, less than one percent of men are able to perform auto-fellatio on themselves.