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Ryan Rockford’s bubble bath


Dirty boy Ryan Rockford gets cleaned up in a hot bubble bath…


Gay-for-pay cocksucker can’t get laid after acting like a homophobic “douche-bag”

Ryan Rockford on Playboy's Foursome

On the Playboy reality series Foursome, unhealthy his fellow housemates seemed unimpressed when “John, the stuntman” (aka gay-for-pay model Ryan Rockford) bragged about working on the next Jason Bourne project. When he also bragged about being a personal trainer they became openly hostile.

“Is there anything you can’t do?” one of them asked, derisively. John replied, a bit too emphatically: “Yes. Men!

Overcompensate much, John?

You could practically hear the scrota shrink as a chill settled over the air. Did he not realize the show was being taped in San Francisco? The ladies were so put off by John’s attitude, they started calling him “douche-bag” behind his back and opted to spend the night with each other instead of either of the two guys.