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Rusty bottoms bareback for Elliot

Rusty & Elliot: Bareback (Sean Cody)

Hot newcomer Elliot is back to have his way with muscle-hunk Rusty!

They decided to go kayaking and have a little fun partaking in some friendly competition to see who could conquer the waters…and who could conquer the other!

They had a great time pushing each other off their kayaks and just playing around, but after all that action in the water, a different side of Elliot came out, “I’m gonna have to give it to him rough now. He’s been a bad bitch!”

Even though Elliot is a rookie, Rusty was willing to show him the ropes, “I’ll teach him, no worries!”

When it came down to it, Elliot surprised us with his energy in the sack! He has a dirty mouth on him, but Rusty didn’t mind at all! He just took whatever Elliot was throwing at him. Elliot definitely didn’t need Rusty to teach him anything. He conquered Rusty’s ass no problem! — Sean Cody


Abe reams Rusty’s ass

Abe & Rusty: Bareback (Sean Cody)

A bulked up Abe comes out of retirement looking twice as big since his last appearance. He’s not afraid to throw his weight around. Abe wants to do somebody he can “fuck through the walls.” So they pair him with Rusty, another stocky hunk who can take a pounding.


Randy reams Rusty

Randy & Rusty: Bareback (Sean Cody)

Rusty gets reamed and creamed by Randy. Then he learns something new when Randy coaches him on how to suck his first cock.


Jack reams Rusty bareback

Sean Cody -- Rusty & Jack: Bareback

It’s Jack, and the bodybuilder, cialis vs. Rusty, the gymnast. After showing off their skills at the beach and in the weight room, Rusty takes it up the ass. Then Jack lets Rusty cum on his face. But they can’t stop at one orgasm apiece. Jack takes Rusty into the living room where he gives him his first rimjob. Then he pounds his ass until Rusty blows a second load. Jack dumps another sloppy cum wad all over Rusty’s worn out hole.


Rusty rubs one out

Sean Cody -- Rusty

Rusty‘s a stocky fitness freak who likes roughing it. After a shower, cialis he rubs one out on the bathroom sink. He gets off a second time while jacking off on the couch.