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Jax does Robbie

Jax & Robbie: Bareback (Sean Cody)

Jax and Robbie have some fun in the sun riding bikes on the beach. Back at home and ready to relax, the hunks cuddle up by the bed where Robbie starts rubbing Jax’s hard cock over his shorts. ‘Jax got some sun today,’ says Robbie. ‘Because I didn’t get enough sunscreen, he is going to have to get a lot of dick,’ responds Jax. ‘I’ll make up for it’, says Robbie. Robbie continues rubbing Jax’s cock getting him excited. ‘I have to bury that in your asshole and destroy your shit today,’ says Jax. ‘I’m ready to be get taken care of,’ responds Robbie. ‘He is such a whore for dick,’ laughs Jax. ‘I love to taste them and take them. Treat them well, treat them right,’ says Robbie before Jax pushes him down on the bed.” — Sean Cody

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Robbie gets manhandled by Jess

Jess & Robbie: Bareback (Sean Cody)

Our favorite little bossy bottom knew he was in for a treat when we decided to pair him up with self-proclaimed cum factory Jess. That didn’t stop him from shouting out “fucking pound that ass”, “harder!”, “fucking manhandle me and treat me like a little bitch” and “choke me, squeeze my fucking throat!” We hadn’t seen Robbie in a while and apparently he was ravenous for cock! We knew he was having a good time when he pleaded for Jess to “make me your little boy”. Jess, true to form, kept the cum coming, at one point giving Robbie a full facial and then just going in for a pounding, without missing a beat! Which let to Robbie saying “it looks like I just had a whole team cum on me!” Be careful what you wish for Robbie! — Sean Cody


Shaw fucks Robbie bareback

Shaw & Robbie: Bareback (Sean Cody)

After Robbie recently lost his virginity, he discovered he’s a power bottom. Now he wants to get fucked by a real man. And it looks like hung, handsome and muscular Shaw is the man for the job.


Winter Getaway: Day 8

Winter Getaway Day 8 (Sean Cody)

Brendan, Robbie, Atticus and Blake enjoy a final fourgy on day eight of their winter getaway.


Winter Getaway: Day 6

Winter Getaway Day 6 (Sean Cody)

After some fun in the tub, Blake gets broken in by Blake in his first bottoming scene. Blake also helps him perfect his deep-throating skills.


Winter Getaway: Day 5

Winter Getaway Day 5 (Sean Cody)

Robbie, Atticus, Brendan, Blake and Porter arrive on day five, joining Lane, Brodie, Joey, Tanner and Rowan to create the biggest Sean Cody orgy to date.