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Marco wants to bone Robbie Rojo

Marco & Robbie Rojo (Lucas Kazan)

Washing dishes, wearing nothing but a jock-strap? This is no ordinary kitchen, after all: it’s a ‘porn’ kitchen. No wonder Marco can’t resist the temptation: Robbie’s butt is right there for the taking! — Lucas Kazan


Sketches — Alex does Robbie

Alex Magnum & Robbie Rojo (Lucas Kazan)

Alex Magnum is back, with another live model to draw and another bubble butt to fantasize about. Unavoidable, when that butt is Robbie Rojo’s. “Great chemistry between these two”, says director Ettore Tosi. “And a perfect match: Italians/Spanish; hung top/power bottom… No directing necessary! — Lucas Kazan


Ettore Tosi does Robbie Rojo

Robbie Rojo & Ettore Tosi (Lucas Kazan)

Robbie Rojo‘s tight hole gets pounded by Ettore Tosi.


Some red hot Robbie Rojo

Madrid Tales -- Gay porn star Robbie Rojo (Lucas Kazan)

Cute little power bottom Robbie Rojo is ready for action.


Gabriel & Robbie hookup in Madrid

Madrid Tales -- Gabriel & Robbie (Lucas Kazan)

Robbie Rojo’s sweet little ass gets pounded by Gabriel Vanderloo during this hot hookup in Madrid.