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Fucking intense — Colby does Ricky

Colby Keller & Ricky Roman

Colby Keller and Ricky Roman enjoy some extremely intense and passionate love making. Watch them fuck at Cocky Boys.


The Haunting — Arnaud does Ricky

Ricky Roman & Arnaud Chagall

Ricky Roman and Arnaud Chagall find true love in the afterlife in The Haunting III: A Kiss Before Goodnight. OMG! It’s just like Ghost. Can’t you just hear those heavenly strains of “Unchained Melody” playing?

Watch The Haunting III at it at Cocky Boys.


The Haunting — Dale does Ricky

Ricky Roman & Dale Cooper

I’m scaring up some spooky porn for Halloween. Cocky Boy’s The Haunting II: Into the Woods. Agent Dale Cooper’s investigation of the mysterious disappearance of Jake Steel and Dillon Rossi leads to a sexy, supernatural encounter with Ricky Roman.

Hold on. Agent Dale Cooper? Like the Kyle MacLachlan character from Twin Peaks? Is that where he got his porn name? Anyway. Watch The Haunting II at it at Cocky Boys.