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Fresh faced Ricky Martinez

Hot naked porn stud Ricky Martinez (Bel Ami Studios)

Ricky Martinez was a missed opportunity, and because he only taped a few scenes with Bel Ami Studios. This fresh-faced cutie certainly had the right look to become a major star, cialis but he tended to get nervous on camera.

But even if he did have issues during the porn shoot, the final product was always hot hot hot! His scene with Danny Saradon in Too Many Boys comes to mind. Ricky’s a hot little bone smoker, and Danny fucks Ricky’s cute ass.


Ricky Martinez livin’ la vida loca

Ricky Martinez

Ricky Martinez, who was himself a photographer from Mexico City, gave up his 9 to 5 job to live out his crazy fantasy life as a gay porn star. See Ricky in action at Lucas Kazan.