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Midnight cowboy — Jeff Murrell

Jeff Murrell

OK, so I’m not exactly sure what they’re going for with this one. Either vintage porn model Jeff Murrell is aiming for a country music star fuck fantasy. Or he’s simply a stripper cowboy. (This old school Adam Hart photo set makes me think he’s aiming for the latter.) Whatever he is, you can see this hunky fantasy man get naked in his dressing room after the jump…


Midnight cowboy — Sam Dekker

Sam Dekker - Colt Icons

With his ’70s porn ‘stache and leather chaps, vintage Colt Icon Sam Dekker looks like he just stepped out of one of those old MeTV westerns. See him riding bareback after the jump…


Handsome & hairy Ettore Tosi

Ettore Tosi

Some vintage pics of handsome, hung and hairy gay porn star Ettore Tosi lounging around the house in his birthday suit. You can find Ettore in such Lukas Kazan porn flicks as Sexcursions: LKP Casting 4 or Journey to Italy 2: Desire.


Man of the house — Jake Tanner

Jake Tanner

These glossy glamour shots of hung muscle man Jake Tanner show off his best assets. You can watch him fly solo in the Minute Man series. Or you can see him have a hardcore oral encounter with Ed Dinakos in Muscle Ranch.

More nude beauty shots after the jump…


Midnight cowboy — John Pruitt

John Pruitt

John Pruitt, and the iconic Colt Man with the chiseled torso and piercing blue eyes, prostate looks perfectly at home on the range.


Midnight cowboy — Steve Kelso

Steve Kelso

See Colt Studio icon Steve Kelso in all his rugged, natural glory after the jump…


Midnight cowboy — Bo Garrett

Bo Garrett

I wish I could quit vintage porn stud Bo Garrett. He only made a handful of gay porn videos before he dropped out of the business in 2001, so I guess I sort of have to.

This strapping hunk o’ man rides Danny Sommers like Seabiscuit in Falcon’s cowboy-themed porn flick Saddle Tramps II. See more nekkid cowboy pics of Bo after the jump…


Monday moon shot — Dcota


This delicious fanny belongs to Dcota, thumb who starred in a handful of vintage gay porn videos in the early ’90s. He gave up his cute ass for Ryan Idol in Score 10 and served it for breakfast to Damien in the aptly named Buttbusters.


A hot naked guy playing Spider-Man — Vince Rockland edition

Vince Rockland

Here’s Vince Rockland (arguably the most popular of the Rockland brothers, gay porn’s first sibling trio) in the classic Spider-Man crouch, showing us exactly how flexible he is. And boy was he ever! A self-described bisexual, Vince performed as both a versatile top and a bottom in titles like Hands On and Possession.

Find more naked pics of Vince acting like your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man after the jump…


Midnight cowboy — Brad Hunt

Brad Hunt

Brad Hunt from Falcon’s Flashpoint: Hot As Hell as a hitchhiking cowboy who nails Scott Baldwin the backseat of a convertible. His character is an obvious takeoff of the oversexed Brad Pitt character from Thelma & Louise.


Monday moon shot — Jeremy Penn

Jeremy Penn

Honestly, have you ever seen a more beautiful ass than Jeremy Penn‘s? It’s the perfect bubble butt.


Heatwave — Jeff Palmer

Jeff Palmer

Christ, it’s hotter than Matt Bomer‘s buttcrack out here today. 107 degrees! With that in mind, here’s some vintage pics of Jeff Palmer from Falcon’s Heatwave.


A hot naked guy playing Spider-Man — Jordan Rivers edition

Jordan Rivers (aka male porn star Julian Rios)

When he’s not saving New York from the latest mutated freak, Spider-Man can usually be found crouching on top of a skyscraper in his skintight, red and blue gimp suit — inviting gutter-minded reprobates like myself to mentally undress his limber physique. And I know I’m not the only one who goes there. How else could Andrew Garfield’s ass generate so much buzz?

But you won’t have to use your imagination with these vintage nude shots of porn star Jordan Rivers. Here he is in the signature Spidey crouch and wall crawling poses, minus the Spidey costume of course. The shot with the dangling 10-inch man-tackle is my personal favorite. More explicit naked photos after the jump…


Garden variety twink – Brad Taylor

Brad Taylor

He’s golden on the outside and full of cream. Brad Taylor (not to be confused with the other Brad Taylor) was a very minor porn pup from the early part of the last decade. Most of his videos are now out of print, but his most famous release was the lycra fetish video Hard Heroes, in which he does battle with a penis pump.


So long sailor! So very long …

Sailor Mark Mitchel

Here’s one from way back. At one point this guy, model Mark Mitchel, was the face of every gay porn site on the internet it seemed. Every site ran ads with his face (or other body parts) on them. More of this hung sailor after the jump…


Monday Moon Shot — Joey Stefano

Joey Stefano

Here’s legendary power bottom Joey Stefano showing off his world famous ass.


Classic nude model Kim Rawlings

Kim Rawlings

Vintage Colt model Kim Rawlings showing his big beautiful cock and juicy ass. More retro nudes after the jump…


Video View: In Your Wildest Dreams

  • Director: Bill Clayton
  • Studio: Falcon Studios
  • Cast: Tom Brock, view Scott O’Hara, pharm Justin Cade, viagra Eric Manchester, Chad Douglas, Leigh Erickson, Steve Wright, Bosch Wagner, Kevin Williams
  • (out of 5)
  • Only in your wildest dreams could you ever hope to find an escort service that can send over your favorite porn star at a moment’s notice. But that’s exactly what happens to Kevin Williams — a long time porno favorite in his own right.

    (Full review with video clips after the jump…)


    Video View: Powertool


  • POWERTOOL (1986)
  • Director: John Travis
  • Studio: Catalina
  • Cast: Jeff Stryker, cialis sale John Davenport, there Brian Estevez, Jeff Converse, Tony Marino, Gary Owen, Danny Russo, Tom Mitchell, Tony Bravo, Michael Gere, and in a non-sexual role Mike Henson
  • (out of 5)
  • This is the movie that introduced four foot cum squirter Johnny Davenport to gay porno fans and launched Jeff Stryker‘s career into the stratosphere. Digitally re-mastered with an updated musical score, it looks better and sounds better than previous copies. It also has more cumshots than the original, but the plot is still intact.

    Jeff Stryker is sentenced to 30 days in the county jail. He has attitude to spare even during a scene that should’ve been degrading. He’s strip searched by a grinning, lascivious guard, played by the late Tony Bravo. “Wanna kiss it for me?” Jeff asks when he’s made to spread open his butt cheeks. This being a gay porno, we already know the answer.

    (Full review with video clips after the jump…)


    Classic nude model Danny Lucas

    Danny Lucas

    Vintage Colt model Danny Lucas has the face of an innocent boy next door and a body that was born to fuck. Full frontal nudes after the jump…


    Classic Colt model Austin Rohr

    Austin Rohr

    Classic Colt Studio model Austin Rohr has a big dick and a cute butt. More naked pics after the jump…


    Classic model David Hubble

    David Hubble

    Classic Colt Studio model David Hubble showing off his perfect naked body…


    Polishing Jeff Stryker’s Powertool

    Jeff Stryker makes Jeff Converse his bitch in Catalina’s prison porn classic Powertool


    What a Babe!

    Babe Tiger

    Classic nude Colt Studio model Babe Tiger. Full frontal nudes and sexy naked ass shots after the jump…