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Reese Rideout gives stripper lessons

Ep. 02 : “Male Stripper” by Zoomin_UK

Flashback: Randy Blue superstar Reese Rideout gives stripper lessons to OUTtv hosts Rob Easton and Sean Horlor on an episode of the now-defunct Canadian TV series Don’t Quit Your Gay Job. He offers some helpful advice. (Always wear shoes. And if you show your hole you’ll get bigger tips.) After some one-on-one coaching Rob and Sean have a strip off in front of a live audience with Reese deciding which of them gave the better performance. I was hoping the winner would get a blowjob, viagra but no such luck. However, check Reese did let Sean rub his junk on his face.

[Segment starts after some annoying commercials.]


Serial Thriller — Reese drills Dallas

Reese Rideout & Dallas Evans

Dallas Evans gets drilled by Reese Rideout in this Dexter-inspired Randy Blue fantasy.


Monday moon shot — Reese Rideout

Reese Rideout

Randy Blue exclusive Reese Rideout looks sexy in sepia, view showing off his glorious glutes in this instant classic nude photo shoot for the dearly departed skin mag Men Magazine.


Nicholas Ryan (AKA Reese Rideout)

Nicholas Ryan (aka Reese Rideout)

If you can’t get enough Reese Rideout, ailment you might also like Nicholas Ryan. Because they’re one and the same. Full frontal Playgirl nudes after the jump…


Ass under glass

Reese Rideout and Topher DiMaggio

Reese Rideout and Topher DiMaggio having naughty fun time in the shower. Damn! Reese sure has a yummy little tuchus.


Reese Rideout does Tristan Scott

Reese Rideout & Tristan Scott

Reese Rideout and Tristan Scott engage in a little suck and fuck action, ending with Reese cumming on the side of Tristan’s face…


Gabriel Cross does Reese Rideout

Reese Rideout & Gabriel Cross

Gabriel Cross gives Reese Rideout‘s cock some oral attention so it can pound his tight hole.


Reese takes Chad’s cherry

Chad Hollon & Reese Rideout

Reese Rideout breaks in Chad Hollon‘s virgin ass and then gives him a “cum smack”— blowing a load into his hand and then smacking Chad across the face, check leaving it covered in spunk. But Chad’s a good sport. He wipes Reese’s cum off his face, viagra sale and licks his fingers.


Reese Rideout does Chris Bines

Chris Bines bottoms for Reese Rideout

Reese Rideout fucks his workout buddy Chris Bines at the Randy Blue gym.


Reese Rideout fucks Riley Price

Reese Rideout fucks Riley Price out by the pool

Reese Rideout nails Riley Price out by the pool. Hardcore action after the jump…


Poolside with Xander & Reese

Reese Rideout & Xander Scott

Reese Rideout and Xander Scott having a wet, shop hot summer. More erotic nudes after the jump…