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A hot naked guy playing Spider-Man — Gino Mosca edition

Gay porn star Gino Mosca (Bel Ami Online)

Here’s something we see in the trailer for the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming. Peter Parker pisses off Tony Stark, so Tony confiscates his high-tech Spidey suit. This raises a couple questions. Such as… How old is Tom Holland anyway? (Phew, that was close!) Or… What would the web-slinger look like if he had to do his superheroing without a costume? Let limber Bel Ami boy Gino Mosca show you after the jump…

OK, so really Gino’s just doing naked yoga, but still… HOT!


A hot naked guy playing Spider-Man — Vince Rockland edition

Vince Rockland

Here’s Vince Rockland (arguably the most popular of the Rockland brothers, gay porn’s first sibling trio) in the classic Spider-Man crouch, showing us exactly how flexible he is. And boy was he ever! A self-described bisexual, Vince performed as both a versatile top and a bottom in titles like Hands On and Possession.

Find more naked pics of Vince acting like your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man after the jump…


Hot naked guy playing Spider-Man — Masked streaker edition

Hot guy wearing a Spider-Man mask and nothing else runs across a high school football field, evades security, hops a fence and makes a clean getaway after climbing into a waiting car. Somebody obviously put a lot of thought into this.


A hot naked guy playing Spider-Man — Dario Dolce edition

Dario Dolce

Much like Spider-Man, young Bel Ami stud Dario Dolce is no stranger to the skintight unitard. He developed his chiseled, made-to-fuck body on a wrestling team. Though we’re pretty sure that Dario’s stint as a wrestler didn’t end in tragedy.

Here’s Dario in the classic Spidey crouch — and with dangling junk! Also, some shots of Dario hanging from the ceiling. (Well, not really, but let’s pretend.) See, that’s what makes Spider-Man so fuckable. In addition to being incredibly limber and having his own gimp suit, he can stick to a wall or hang upside-down by his feet. Just think of the possibilities…

More naked Dario after the jump…


A hot naked guy playing Spider-Man — Jordan Rivers edition

Jordan Rivers (aka male porn star Julian Rios)

When he’s not saving New York from the latest mutated freak, Spider-Man can usually be found crouching on top of a skyscraper in his skintight, red and blue gimp suit — inviting gutter-minded reprobates like myself to mentally undress his limber physique. And I know I’m not the only one who goes there. How else could Andrew Garfield’s ass generate so much buzz?

But you won’t have to use your imagination with these vintage nude shots of porn star Jordan Rivers. Here he is in the signature Spidey crouch and wall crawling poses, minus the Spidey costume of course. The shot with the dangling 10-inch man-tackle is my personal favorite. More explicit naked photos after the jump…