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Naked college hunk Zack Vasquez in the garden

Naked Campus Hunk Zack Vasquez (Playgirl Online)

Playgirl Campus Hunk Zack Vasquez takes off his shirt and jeans to show off his perfectly sculpted body and big beautiful cock during a naked stroll through Florida garden. And he can’t keep his hands off himself. Could you?


Big bulging Playgirl hunk Ian Turner drops trou

Hunky Playgirl model Ian Turner gets naked

Playgirl model Ian Turner’s a hot young hunk from the deep south who honed this gorgeous, chiseled physique on his high school football team. This sexy stud (aka Sean Cody‘s Wade, Tory George) has since peddled his pecs and his pecker as both a porn and a fitness model.


Handsome hunk Randy Savino in wet boxers with a shower boner

Randy Savino in wet boxers in the shower (Playgirl Online)

Playgirl model Randy Savino in the shower wearing wet boxers and with a stiffening cock. Something tells me he’s not doing this to get clean.


Killing time with Playgirl hunk Parker Havens

Parker Havens poolside nudes (Playgirl Online)

Parker Havens has some time on his hands at his house in the Hamptons, so he rinses off under an outdoor shower before a quick skinny dip and some nude sunbathing. Is this Playgirl hunk a self-made man or somebody’s kept boy? Either way, he’s ready to service anyone who comes home and finds him like this.


Midnight Cowboy — Belly up to the bar with David E. Lee

Nude male model David E Lee (Playgirl)

Can he buy you a drink? Get him drunk and he goes buck wild. See sexy naked Playgirl cowboy David E. Lee in nothing but his cowboy hat.


Monday moon shot — Charles Dera is leading you astray

Naked butt shot of male porn star Charles Dera from his Playgirl photo shoot

As Charles Dera drops his towel, leading you upstairs, you’ll want to follow the handsome porn daddy because he has something naughty that he’d like you to see. Keep scrolling…

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Icy hot — Unzipped centerfold model Jeremy Johnson

Nude centerfold model Jeremy Johnson (Playgirl Online)

The weather and Playgirl model Jeremy Johnson is so hot we have to put him on ice. See his nudes and rock hard cock shots after the jump…


Porn star Justin Magnum gets a close shave

Male porn star Justin Magnum in Playgirl

Straight porn star Justin Magnum seems to have a permanent case of sex hair and five o’clock shadow, but he cleans up real nice.


Randy Savino’s lazy afternoon in the pool

Randy Savino nude swimming pool shoot (Playgirl Online)

Summertime. And the livin’ is easy. Some assorted shots of handsome Playgirl model Randy Savino (aka gay porn star Geoff Ashton) taking off his trunks so he can work on his tan by the pool.


Charles Dera coming out of the pool

Charles Dera in the pool (Playgirl Online)

Straight porn star Charles Dera makes a summer splash by diving into the pool in this underwear. See him disrobed in this poolside Playgirl photo shoot after the jump…


Justin Magnum at the end of a long, hard day

Justin Magnum takes off his jeans (Playgirl Online)

Justin Magnum relaxing at sunset at the end of a long day. And once again, he seems to be feeling a little stiffness coming on. So he slides his hand down his pants, then he takes off his jeans, and… you can guess what happens next. See it after the jump…


Nude sunbather Randy Savino wants to get rid of his tan lines

Randy Savino takes off his blue trunks (Playgirl Online)

Summertime. And the livin’ is easy. Some assorted shots of handsome Playgirl model Randy Savino (aka gay porn star Geoff Ashton) taking off his trunks so he can work on his tan by the pool.


Porn star Seth Gamble strokes his cock to a creamy climax

Straight porn star Seth Gamble naked jack off photos (Playgirl)

You could say straight male porn star Seth Gamble was young, hung & full of cum. But then he started stroking his big dick and busted a creamy wad all over the inside of his leg. So now he’s just young & hung. Check out his hardcore cock stroking pics from Playgirl Online after the jump…


Coffee helps James get it up in the morning

James naked in the kitchen having coffee (Playgirl Online)

Here we find James, who isn’t particularly fond of clothes, starting the day in the kitchen with his morning coffee. He’s cute and all that. Seems like he might be good boyfriend material. But if he planted his naked butt on the spot where I chop my vegetables, we’re going to have a serious conversation — no matter how big and beautiful his cock is. That’s just something you do not do. See his Playgirl dick pics after the jump…


Justin Magnum strokes his cock in a hot & steamy shower

Justin Magnum shower nudes (Playgirl)

Justin Magnum was a straight male porn star from South Africa with tremendous crossover appeal. He pleases gay men and straight women alike in videos like Hitting the G-Spot from Playgirl’s hardcore “for ladies” videos or Jake Cruise’s Straight Guys for Gay Eyes. This ruggedly handsome dirty boy cleans up real nice in this steamy Playgirl shower shoot — getting rock hard and stroking his uncut cock.


James wakes up with morning wood

In bed with naked Playgirl hunk James

James, a cute naked Playgirl hunk, wakes up with bed head and a boner. He looks like a sensitive thoughtful lover. Just imagine what he could do with those beautiful lips. Not to mention that big dick!


Cuddly cub Jason Michaels hits the showers

Jason Michaels

Jason Michaels’ Playgirl bio says he an aspiring investment banker, but gay porn fans might recognize him from his other career


Aaron the hot & hairy mechanic

Hairy naked hunk Aaron (Playgirl Online)

Meet Aaron, Playgirl‘s hot and hairy mechanic. Want him to climb under your hood?


College hunk Zack in the shower


Zack Vasquez, a perfectly chiseled college Playgirl hunk, takes a shower with a semi hard-on.


Get wet with muscular male stripper Rico Elbaz

Male stripper Rico Elbaz Playgirl

Rico Elbaz has a varied resume. He’s been an actor, a model, a stunt man, a personal trainer and a bodybuilding champion. Am I forgetting something? Oh yeah. He’s also a male stripper. (He’s danced for Chippendales.) Here he is all slicked up, taking a turn around the pole in a steamy shower show in this nude photo shoot for Playgirl Online.


James Buselli teasing & pleasing

James Buselli aka Breck (Playgirl)

This hunky Playgirl model, James Buselli, hiding behind a wet bed sheet, teases before showing his goods. It should be noted James was a man of many aliases. Back in the nude skin mag days he also worked under the names Beau Wheeler, Breck and Trent Mitchell for companies like COLT and Men Magazine.


Big-dicked daddy David Anthony

David Anthony

It’s Titan-ic horsehung gay porn star David Anthony enjoying an oceanside vacation. See his full frontal nudes from this Playgirl photo shoot after the jump…


Clark Kent is one super man!

Naked male model Clark Kent. (Playgirl)

Move over Henry Cavill. Looks like Playgirl porn hunk Clark Kent is getting cabin fever in his fortress of solitude. He seems to get a rise out of watching the sunrise. One of PG’s Campus Hunks, Clark (aka John May) was a 20-year-old college student chemistry degree to become a pharmacist when he dabbled in porn at Playgirl and Next Door Studios.


Gay porn star Zack Randall in Playgirl

Zack Randall

Playgirl pics of gay porn star Zack Randall getting in one last good naked sunny day at the lake. Full frontal nudes after the jump…