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Donny does Perry

Donny & Perry: Bareback (Sean Cody)

They cut right to the chase with Donny. He’s the new guy at Sean Cody. Instead of starting him out in a solo scene, they throw him right into a boy-boy scene with Perry. First they flirt. And then they fuck.


Sean Cody Four-way Pt. 2

Dusty, Curtis, Perry & Joey: Bareback (Sean Cody)

Dusty, Joey, Curtis and Perry enjoy a cum-drenched butt-banging blowout in the second half of their climactic fourgy.


Sean Cody Four-way Part 1

Dusty, Joey, Curtis & Perry - Four-way Part 1 (Sean Cody)

What happens when you bring four horny versatile hunks for a rousing round of group sex? Every orifice gets crammed with cock, naturally. Dusty, Joey, Curtis and Perry are the friendliest foursome since the three musketeers let d’Artagnan tag along for the ride.


Brandon bangs Perry bareback

Brandon & Perry: Bareback (Sean Cody)

During this hot bareback fuck scene Perry lets Brandon bust a nut inside his butt.


Ollie creampies Perry’s cute ass

Sean Cody -- Ollie & Perry: Bareback

It’s a day of firsts for Perry. He experiences is first internal orgasm after Ollie creampies his ass while fucking him bareback. He also blows a load with a dick up his butt for the very first time — an experience he soon repeats during round two when he lets Ollie fuck him to a second orgasm.