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Porter & Ollie double their fun

Ollie & Porter: Bareback (Sean Cody)

Versatile hunks Porter and Ollie take turns fucking each other in this flip-flop scene. Then they double their pleasure and double their fun when they add a double-ended dildo to the mix for some ass-to-ass action.


Daddy Daniel does Ollie

Ollie & Daniel: Bareback (Sean Cody)

Daddy Daniel, search the crazy hot fucker with salt and pepper hair, site returns. And he’s going to tear Ollie’s big, juicy ass apart. When Daniel did Brandon they fucked so hard there was cum on the walls. But this time he makes Ollie cum so hard he gets semen all over the cameraman.


Pete bottoms bareback for Ollie

Ollie fucks Pete bareback. (Sean Cody)

Cute, little blond Pete is in for a rough ride when he bottoms bareback for Ollie and gets reamed by his fat, uncut cock.


Brodie bangs Ollie bareback

Brodie & Ollie: Bareback (Sean Cody)

So Ollie engaged in a little anal play while masturbated and ended up liking it, prostate and now he wants to get fucked. Brodie’s the lucky stud who gets to tap Ollie’s big, buy juicy bubble butt for his first onscreen bottoming scene.


Dean & Ollie fuck each other

Dean & Ollie: Bareback (Sean Cody)

Dean and Ollie take turns fucking each other in the bareback flip-flop scene, and Ollie makes Dean cum so hard it makes his face tingle.


Ollie creampies Perry’s cute ass

Sean Cody -- Ollie & Perry: Bareback

It’s a day of firsts for Perry. He experiences is first internal orgasm after Ollie creampies his ass while fucking him bareback. He also blows a load with a dick up his butt for the very first time — an experience he soon repeats during round two when he lets Ollie fuck him to a second orgasm.


Ollie the jock plays with his cock

Sean Cody -- Ollie

Ollie‘s a chiseled jock with a sexy runner’s butt. He’s been saving his load for a couple of days, ambulance so when he finally blows he erupts like a geyser, splattering his face and chest — and even the chair and the back wall.