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A Divine Christmas

All she wanted for Christmas was cha cha heels. Black ones. But she didn’t get ’em. Here’s hoping you’re having a better Christmas than Dawn Davenport. From John Waters camp/trash classic Female Trouble.

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Ambiguously Gay Duo in the flesh

See Jon Hamm and Jimmy Fallon as live action versions of the homoerotic cartoon heroes Ace & Gary.

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Rob Lowe singing in the worst Oscar number ever!

Thank god for YouTube and VCRs. Otherwise this tacky Oscar number would be nothing but a terrible memory. It’s the infamous musical number that has Rob Lowe singing (badly) with some poor, treatment struggling actress who’s doing her very best Snow White impersonation in the biggest, salve tackiest, gayest production number the Academy has ever produced. And just when you think it couldn’t possibly get any bigger, tackier or gayer, Lily Tomlin climbs out of a replica of the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre that’s sitting on top of a woman’s head. You know what’s really amazing? Rob Lowe’s career not only survived an underage teen sex scandal but also this!

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