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Noah Storm is a naked chef

Noah Storm (Next Door Male)

Bubble butted Vegas hunk Noah Storm is cooking up some hot sausage at Next Door Male.


Ivan James jacks off by the pool

Ivan James (Next Door Male)

Ivan James is a West Virginia stud with a fit jock body and a thick cock. Watch him whip it out in his first poolside jack off scene.


It’s Dallas Bleu’s first time

Dallas Bleu (Next Door Male)

Dallas Bleu is a pretty boy from Colorado who looks like a movie star. (He reminds me of Casper Van Dien.) This is the first time he’s taken his clothes off for money, but hopefully it won’t be the last.


All-American golden boy Jake Karhoff

Naked blond hunk Jake Karhoff (Next Door Male)

Jake Karhoff is a handsome, blond hunk from middle America. Watch him put on a sexy solo show at Next Door Male.


Chris Noxx gets naked for you

Chris Noxx (Next Door Male)

Chris Noxx is a go-go boy from Florida, and if you pay him a visit, he’d be happy to take his clothes off for you. Watch this belated Christmas present finger fuck his own hole while jacking off in his hardcore solo scene.


John Stone’s a dirty self-sucker

John Stone (Next Door Male)

You can tell by his naughty grin that John Stone is a dirty little fucker. He’s an outdoorsy type who dabbles in BDSM, and during his solo jack off session on a granite countertop, he sucks his own cock.


A boy next door — Ken Riley

Ken Riley (Next Door Male)

Angel-faced hottie, Ken Riley, is about to get really naughty.


Jason C. is so sexy

Jason C. (Next Door Male)

Get Jason C. out of those tight, no rx red boxer briefs after the jump.


Ricky Decker rubs one out

Ricky Decker (Next Door Male)

Columbian-born Jersey boy Ricky Decker strokes his cock after a hard workout.


Tex beats off by the pool

Tex (Next Door Male)

Tex — a bubble butted hunk from Texas (where else?) — pulls his pud by the pool.


Chad Pitt’s ready to skinny dip

Model Chad Pitt getting naked (Next Door Male)

Chad Pitt‘s a hunky surfer from North Carolina who likes sex on the beach and using gender neutral pronouns when he talks about what kind of sex he likes. He’s never taken off his clothes for money before, but since he has a hot cock with good girth and amazing length, why the fuck not?


J Howling strips & strokes

J Howling (Next Door Male)

J Howling takes a break from work, sildenafil strips out of his business clothes, and rubs one out.


Butt naked hunk James Huntsman

Gay porn star James Huntsman butt naked (Next Door Male)

Hot, buy blond, levitra bubble butted bad boy James Huntsman strips naked so he can stroke his uncut cock.


Monday moon shot — Pierre A.

Pierre A.'s got a sexy ass! (Next Door Male)

Pierre A.‘s a hunky go-go boy from Toronto who likes to show off what his mama gave him. He’s got an ass that looks good enough to eat. And his cock is pretty tasty looking too. In his first Next Door solo he demonstrates some of his smooth dance moves, advice and then he rubs out a creamy load.


Robert Longwood’s got wood

Robert Longwood (Next Door Male)

Newcomer Robert Longwood treats himself to a little self-massage after a grueling workout.


Monday moon shot — Kevin Long

Kevin Long (Next Door Male)

Husky ginger hunk Kevin Long takes off his tight undies so he can show off his tender pink tush.


Chuck & his chunky butt

Sexy naked hunk Chuck (Next Door Male)

Chuck has put in a lot of work eating and lifting to build up his body. And it’s really paid off — especially around back in his beautiful, pilule round chunky ass. It looks so good when he makes those butt cheeks jiggle in his skintight designer underwear. This flirtatious hunk returns to the Next Door house and, tadalafil after a quick workout, here he rubs one out in front of a mirror.


Connor Maguire gets his Irish cock up

Connor Maguire

Connor Maguire will get your blood pumping in this intense love muscle workout.


Hunky Chuck is built to fuck

Watch hunky Chuck A. jack his dick and jiggle his furry butt cheeks.


Laid back stroker Stefan

I love how this guy, Stefan, keeps looking into the camera as he strokes his uncut cock. He really seems to love the fact that people are watching him do this. Pervy rascal! Watch him cum at Next Door Male.


Austin strokes up a storm

Austin Storm‘s an outdoorsy Colorado native with bright, try blue eyes and a wicked smile. Watch him climb a tree and jerk off at Next Door Male.


Butt, bath & beyond — Doug Acre

Doug Acre

Horsehung hunk Doug Acre takes you to butt, prostate bath and beyond after he drops his towel for a horny pud pulling session. Watch him get off at Next Door Male.


Trent Diesel gets you motor running

Trent Diesel

Trent Diesel drops by the Next Door Male house to stroke his cock and squirt out a massive load.


Monday moon shot — Kody Slater

Kody Slater

Kody Slater‘s an all-American, athletic hunk from Montana, with ruggedly handsome looks and a lovely round rump. Watch him get off at Next Door Male.