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Video View: Powertool


  • POWERTOOL (1986)
  • Director: John Travis
  • Studio: Catalina
  • Cast: Jeff Stryker, cialis sale John Davenport, there Brian Estevez, Jeff Converse, Tony Marino, Gary Owen, Danny Russo, Tom Mitchell, Tony Bravo, Michael Gere, and in a non-sexual role Mike Henson
  • (out of 5)
  • This is the movie that introduced four foot cum squirter Johnny Davenport to gay porno fans and launched Jeff Stryker‘s career into the stratosphere. Digitally re-mastered with an updated musical score, it looks better and sounds better than previous copies. It also has more cumshots than the original, but the plot is still intact.

    Jeff Stryker is sentenced to 30 days in the county jail. He has attitude to spare even during a scene that should’ve been degrading. He’s strip searched by a grinning, lascivious guard, played by the late Tony Bravo. “Wanna kiss it for me?” Jeff asks when he’s made to spread open his butt cheeks. This being a gay porno, we already know the answer.

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