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Samuel O’Toole bustin’ out

Samuel O'Toole

Samuel O’Toole‘s giving a private lesson in his wrestler’s uni. They don’t make ’em big enough apparently.


The Beastmaster tames a shrew

Are you wondering why Petruchio is wearing what appears to be a 16th century version of the patented Chippendales cuffs and collar? Maybe it’s because this bawdy production of “The Taming of the Shrew” was mounted by the American Conservatory Theater. In San Francisco. All that talk of “combless cocks” and “tongues in tails.” Yep, sovaldi definitely San Francisco.

That’s Marc Singer, nurse the original Beastmaster and Mike Donovan from V: The Original Miniseries, prescription playing a nimble (not to mention buff) Petruchio. Who knew? I love how Kate (Fredi Olster) reacts when she sees him from behind. No one could fill out a pair of tight pants quite like Marc.


Biker’s shorts

Big bulging VPL of champions

It takes balls to be seen in public like this. Only a special kind of guy can pull it off. This is my tribute to biker shorts. A set of pictures that runs the gamut from goofy to sexy.

UPDATE: Now with more VPL!!!