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He’s Got A Secret — Markie & Alex

Alex Tanner & Markie More (Next Door Studios)

Markie More is an unfaithful husband who likes to play while his wife is away. Alex Tanner knows Markie’s married, but he’s totally cool with adultery. “I just think you’re beautiful, and we should — y’know — bone a little bit,” he says right before they get down to some bareback business in the bedroom.


Markie More rides Dalton Briggs

Frisky Boyfriends — Watch Full HD movie now in Male-Erotika Gay Porn Theater

As he relaxes on the couch, Dalton Briggs leaves Markie More breathless as he slurps on his boner, swirling his tongue around Markie’s plump cock head. Once Markie is primed for a fuck, Dalton slips his gigantic cock up Markie’s muscular ass.


Markie More gets it up

Gay porn star Markie More (Next Door Studios)

Some sexy glamour shots of Markie More getting it for his bareback fuck buddy scene in Next Door’s Beach Buddies.

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Markie More breaks in Mr. Shane

Next Door Casting 3 — Watch Full HD movie now in Male-Erotika Gay Porn Theater

Markie More gets a taste of newcomer Mr. Shane when he gets him on his casting couch.


Senator Secrets — Jimmy does Markie

Jimmy Clay & Markie More (Next Door Studios)

Blackmail is messy business but then again, if you want to get ahead in Washington, you’re going to have to get your hands dirty every now and again. Congressman Markie More understands this, but unfortunately, so does potential intern Jimmy Clay. Jimmy has some rather incriminating evidence on his phone that Markie would prefer not see the light of day, but in order to keep Jimmy quiet, Markie’s gonna have to play ball. Jimmy just wants what’s coming to him, and Markie is in no position to deny his request, so Jimmy and Markie strip down and commence to engage in some cross partisan hard negotiations. One thing Jimmy learns about Markie is that he stands behind his work, doing everything he can to ram his positions through the procedure, and while Markie is unsure if Jimmy can be trusted, he accepts Jimmy’s firm promise that nothing will leak out as long as he doesn’t mind the hard work in front of him. Besides, what’s a little more polling to a Washington insider? — Next Door Studios


Markie More gets double dicked

Undressed Up — Watch Full HD movie now in Male-Erotika Gay Porn Theater

Flashback: It’s Markie More‘s very first bottoming scene from the Next Door BuddiesWedding Jitters. Markie’s a nervous bridegroom who ends up fucking his groomsmen on his wedding day. We find him on his knees in a tux with a hard cock in each hand, shoving both dicks into his mouth at once. After the double blowjob, he gets stripped naked and spit-roasted by Steven B. and Cole Christiansen.


Reunited — Markie does Dakota

Markie More & Dakota Young (Next Door Studios)

Markie More is particularly excited about this scene, and has had it on his calendar for a while now. Ever since he saw Dakota Young make his debut a short time ago, he’s been locked and loaded to have his way with the newbie. Markie’s reputation precedes him, so Dakota knows he’s in for a wild time, and he specifically asks Markie to go rough on him, telling him he wants to be manhandled. Markie, already eye-balling Dakota’s sweet little ass, has no problem obliging him in the request, as he throws him on the bed and does whatever he wants. Dakota sucks Markie off and then takes every inch of Markie’s hard cock, wrapping his arms around Markie and pulling him in closer, begging him to fuck harder before taking Markie’s load all over his face. With his chin dripping cum, Dakota thanks Markie for the attention, vowing to do it again as soon as they can. — Next Door Studios


The Boss’s Son — Markie does Christian

Markie More & Christian Bay (Next Door Studios)

As Markie More enters the company gym for his daily workout, he finds a young, fresh faced college age guy on one of the machines. Since he normally has the gym all to himself, Markie strikes up a convo and finds out his workout companion is none other than his boss’s son. Christian Bay has recently moved home to attend college, and with nothing better to do, he figured he’d kill some time at the gym. Now that his workout is almost over, he tells Markie he likes to end his routine with some ‘hard cardio’. Stepping closer to Markie and rubbing his arm, the insinuation is clear, and Markie isn’t having any of it, fearing the repercussions it may have. Christian, already one step ahead of Markie, threatens to blackmail Markie to the boss, and tells Markie his only choice is to do what Christian wants. Sensing that he’s in a no win situation, Markie concedes, telling Christian he’ll oblige, but that he isn’t going to be nice about it. ‘Even better,’ Christian replies, eyeing Markie’s ripped chest and imagining the damage a guy like that could do to him. Markie, true to his word, throws Christian down to his knees, shoving his cock in Christian’s mouth. The boss’s son takes Markie’s dick all the way down his throat as Markie closes his eyes and enjoys it. Propping Christian up on pull up machine, Markie strokes his cock while he tongues Christian’s hole, getting it nice and ready for some hard pumping. Markie shoves his raw cock inside Christian, pounding him from behind and showing no mercy for the would-be blackmailer. Flipping him over, Markie fucks Christian missionary as Christian drops his load, spitting it all over his chest as Markie pulls out and blasts his hole, shoving his cum-drenched cock back inside his boss’s son and breeding his hole, nice and proper. — Next Door Studios


Wrestling The Urge — Alex does Markie

Markie More & Alex Mecum (Next Door Studios)

With a late night phone call, old friends Markie More and Alex Mecum reunite. Catching up, Markie marvels at Alex’s new found success, while confessing to Alex that he abandoned his own successful practice to find deeper meaning and satisfaction. Alex asks Markie if he’s found that thing he’s looking for, and with a look, Markie conveys that he thinks he has. Alex understands Markie’s insinuation, and changing the subject to their old wrestling days, they mix it up a little, as Alex pins Markie against the sofa. Staring into each other’s eyes, the unspoken urge is evident between them, and as they embrace, locking lips in a heated kiss, a flood of emotions and desire comes rushing to the forefront. What ensues is a love connection years in the making, as they are finally unleashed to show their passion for each other in an uninhibited display of emotion, passion and desire. — Next Door Studios


Straight Therapy — Blake does Markie

Blake Barnes & Markie More (Next Door Studios)

Markie More is conflicted. Unsure about his feelings towards his attraction to men, he’s sought out some professional help for his situation. Therapist Blake Barnes has seen other patients with Markie’s problem, but none so pronounced and full of obvious denial. Blake recommends Markie should act on more of his impulses and urges, and as he jots down a few notes, he realizes how effective his advice is received, as Markie reaches out and runs his hand up Blake’s thigh. Happily married, Blake is flattered, but assures Markie that isn’t what he meant. Markie persists, taking off his shirt, and he can instantly see that he’s not the only one in the room who is repressing urges. He asks Blake to take his own advice, slowly unzipping his pants and pulling out his cock. Blake takes it into his mouth, cautiously at first, but with increasing desire as Markie’s cock swells hard inside his mouth. Confident and enabled, Markie takes the lead, pulling Blake’s shirt off and returning the favor, sucking off his therapist right in the middle of his office, before letting Blake have his way with his wanting and waiting ass. Markie mounts Blake, riding him reverse as he strokes himself hard, his cock bouncing against his stomach with Blake’s every thrust. Really getting into it, Blake suggests Markie bend over his chair, and Markie does so, as Blake pounds him from behind, his cock sliding in and out of Markie’s hole as he watches Markie moan in delight.Markie flips over and Blake fucks him til he cums, pulling out and nutting all over Markie’s stomach, as they both smile at the break-throughs they’ve shared with each other. — Next Door Studios


Markie More’s feeling an urge

Markie More in Straight Therapy (Next Door Studios)

Markie More wants to act on some of his urges in Next Door Studios’ Straight Therapy.


While He Watches — Markie does Ty

Markie More & Ty Thomas (Next Door Raw)

Ty Thomas enjoyed watching “dick for hire” Markie More fuck his boyfriend. Now Ty wants some of that action. First Ty takes Markie’s cock. And then Markie lets Ty fuck him raw.


While He Watches — Markie does Jake

Markie More, Jake Davis & Ty Thomas (Next Door Raw)

It’s Jake Davis‘ birthday, and his boyfriend Ty Thomas gives him a special present: Markie More‘s stiff cock. Jake gets to fuck another guy for his birthday, but Ty gets to watch.


My New Brother: Baring It All

Markie More & Addison Graham in My New Brother: Baring It All (Next Door Raw)

Markie More is having a forbidden romance with his new stepbrother Addison Graham. They’ve hooked up once before, but this time Markie’s going to fuck him bareback!


Midnight cowboys — Dirty Hitchhiker

Markie More & Garrett Cooper (Next Door Buddies)

Markie More is a dirty hitchhiker who gets a ride from Garrett Cooper, but it doesn’t come for free.


“The Virgin Mark”

Dante Martin,   Gabriel Cross, Markie More & Arad (Cheating Faith)

When Arad the janitor discovers Father Gabriel‘s scheme, Dante Martin, Markie More and the randy priest buy his silence by giving him sex in Cheating Faith: The Virgin Mark.


“She Won’t Play With My Ass”

Derrick Dime & Markie More (Cheating Faith)

Derrick Dime has an itch his wife won’t scratch. When he goes to church for some counseling, he finds that Markie More is more than willing to help him get to the bottom of his marital problems. See more transgressive glory hole action in this hardcore scene from Cheating Faith: She Won’t Play With My Ass.


“I Wanna Fuck Some Gay Ass”

Cheating Faith -- Markie More & Bridger Watts (Next Door World)

Markie More enjoys a transgressive tryst with an unfaithful husband (Bridger Watts) whose wife won’t give him anal. Watch Markie and Bridger do the dirty deed in Cheating Faith: I Wanna Fuck Some Gay Ass.


Markie More breaks in Alex Tanner

Alex Tanner & Markie More (Next Door Casting)

Cute little ginger twink Alex Tanner gets reamed and creamed during a casting session with Markie More. Markie fucks his tight little ass and then busts a nut all over his face.


Markie More breaks in Quentin

Quentin & Markie More (Next Door Casting)

Markie More breaks in Quentin, mind the newbie. First he’s going to get Quentin out of these clothes. Then Markie makes him hard so he can show Quentin how to suck cock. After Quentin demonstrates his newfound cock sucking skills, Markie shows him how to eat ass. Finally, the horny porn vet teaches Quentin how to fuck on camera.


Markie More breaks in Ivan James

Ivan James & Markie More (Next Door Casting)

Hunky good ol’ boy Ivan James tastes his first cock and loses his anal virginity when he gets broken in by Markie More at Next Door Casting. After swapping blowjobs, they take turns fucking each other.


Markie More breaks in Jake Karhoff

Markie More & Jake Karhoff (Next Door Casting)

Markie More pops Jake Karhoff‘s porn cherry by breaking in his virgin ass and teaching him how to suck dick.


Markie More breaks in Scotty B.

Markie More getting fucked in the ass by Scotty B. (Next Door Casting)

It’s time for Markie More to break in Scotty B., another new guy. So he gives Scotty’s hard cock a test ride.


Cody Cummings’ bisexual MMF 3-way

Cody Cummings & Markie More Bi MMF

When Markie More catches Cody Cummings fucking his girlfriend Lola Castillo, he doesn’t get mad. He wants to get a taste. He joins in for some bisexual MMF action and shares Cody’s cock with Lola. Cody and Markie tag team Lola. And when it’s Cody’s turn to fuck, Markie gives her a dildo so she can ream Markie’s ass.