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Big Brother Jackass Jessie Godderz nude

We cannot display this galleryDon’t let the baby face fool you. From what I’ve seen, Jessie Godderz of “Big Brother 10” is the biggest asshole in the house — a preening douche bag who expects the other hamsters to lick his feet. Being a braying jackass is a prerequisite for getting cast on this show, so that’s saying something.

This week they evicted Steven, this season’s one and only gay. In Jessie’s goodbye message he said, “Hey, Steven, I’m glad you realized how awesome I am and that you’re trying to become as awesome as me. Good luck with that.” OK, not his exact words, but that’s the gist.

Not that Steven was any prize. Read After Elton to find out what Steven, the willfully ignorant rodeo clown cowboy had to say about Libra, the homophobic black woman. See what I mean? Braying jackasses, all of them.

Like so many other reality show contestants Jessie has some nude photos in his past. Other “Big Brother” cast members who’ve bared all for the cameras include Hardy Hill (BB2) who appeared in a softcore porno called Summer Desire. Josh Feinberg (BB3) got naked for Playgirl Magazine.

And then there’s Crazy James, the “Big Brother 9” cast mate who topped them all by doing hardcore gay porn for Dirty Boy Video. Not a fan of the alt-boy’s tats or the faux hawk, but Crazy James has a nice dick. And he put his cock sucker’s lips to good use. You can see Crazy James in action here. He also appeared in Dirty Tricks, an online pornographic sitcom.

UPDATE: People claiming to be Jessie’s friends have been spreading rumors about his sexuality. These so-called friends also say they have pictures that are even racier than the nudes that are currently in circulation. Ai! With friends like these who needs enemas?

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