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Luke Adams coming out of his speedo

Gay porn star Luke Adams in a bulging speedo.

Luke Adams is a nice combination of hard and soft. Muscly, but still cuddly. A boyish face, but a manly big cock. He isn’t very good at keeping it in his shorts, though. Which is probably why he’s one of this week’s Top 10 VOD porn stars.

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Midnight cowboys — Luke & Brenner

Str8 to Gay -- Brenner Bolton & Luke Adams (Down Low)

Yee-haw! Luke Adams and Brenner Bolton are a couple of good ol’ boys doing it on the down low in the back of a pickup truck.


Picnic Pleasures — Luke does Markie

Picnic Pleasures -- Luke Adams & Markie More (Next Door Buddies)

Markie More and Luke Adams are a picture perfect couple (in matching outfits no less) enjoying a perfect picnic in a perfect garden on a perfect day. There’s so much perfection you could perfectly puke from all the sunny wholesomeness. Until Markie licks the cream off a strawberry as if he’s sucking a drop of pre-cum off the tip of a cock. Then you know we’re in for a raunchy good time when these horny hunks devour each other.