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Loved Fucked — Rhys does Leonardo

Leonardo Ricci & Rhys Jagger (Lucas Kazan)

When the cat’s away… Rhys Jagger, who vowed endless love in Loved Fucked Part 1, wastes no time fooling around with a trick in Part 2 (Lucas Kazan exclusive Leonardo Ricci). Too bad Hector DeSilva comes back home unexpected and catches them fucking on the couch. “Whereas p1 was all about a romantic connection,” says director Ettore Tosi, “Part 2 is about… big dicks. Rhys’ and Leonardo’s. And the pounding…” — Lucas Kazan


Loved Fucked — Rhys does Hector

Rhys Jagger & Hector DeSilva (Bel Ami Online & Lucas Kazan)

“I love you. No matter what, remember I’ll always love you.” Guest star Rhys Jagger vows endless love for Hector DeSilva. They make a toast and celebrate in the bedroom, flick fucking each other. Just how long “endless” really is? “A dream come true,” says director Ettore Tosi: “Tall, handsome, hung Rhys — on loan from BelAmi — and fan favorite Hector. Both bearded! With this LOVED FUCKED mini-series, we all enjoyed playing with a bit of story-telling and character development, for a change.” — Lucas Kazan


Jandro’s XXX casting session

Jandro (Lucas Kazan)

The young and the hung. Meet Jandro, 22, ripped and… camera-shy. What? With a sculpted body like his? With that tool and that glorious ass? For sure, Jandro is no narcissist, no exhibitionist. We’re just lucky he took his clothes off for director Ettore Tosi, sharing with the rest of us his all-Brazilian beauty. Enjoy! — Lucas Kazan


Addicted 3 — Alex & Leonardo

Alex Magnum & Leonardo Ricci (Lucas Kazan)

Chapter 3 in the “Addicted” series: Meet 22-year-old Leonardo Ricci and his big fat Italian sausage. “I try and keep my animal instincts at bay. But I can’t,” says Leonardo. “The hunger for cock haunts me. And so here I am, looking for new adventures… Fuck buddies old and new. They fuck me quick, they fuck me silly.” Italian veteran Alex Magnum gives Leonardo everything he craves. And then some… — Lucas Kazan


Tiago’s XXX casting session

Beefy naked hunk Tiago (Lucas Kazan)

Hung. Beefy. Ripped… We could go on and on about Tiago‘s statuesque build and his manhood. Green-eyed and fair-skinned, this 27 year old is no ordinary Brazilian. No less ordinary is his VERY ‘vocal’ casting: how many synonyms do Brazilian have for cock? And yet, like all Brazilians, Tiago oozes sex: it’s in his eyes, his smile, his every move. — Lucas Kazan


Leonardo’s XXX casting session

Hot naked hunk Leonardo (Lucas Kazan)

The lean, agile body of a dancer. And a big, fat cock. Italian newbie Leonardo is no ordinary applicant. 22, versatile, spectacled, Leonardo begins his porn journey, like few others: with his parent’s blessings (and his aunt’s!) Perhaps a sign that Catholic (and homophobic) Italy is finally changing its attitude? We wasted no time and put Leonardo to the second test, pairing him with Alex Magnum… — Lucas Kazan


Ariel teaches Fabio some new tricks

Fabio & Ariel Vanean (Lucas Kazan)

Rendezvous in Milano for Bel Ami veteran Ariel Vanean and Italian up-and-comer Fabio. Ariel may have learnt a few skills to teach, but Fabio is a quick –and eager– learner, don’t you think? — Lucas Kazan


Ariel Vanean fucks up-and-comer Ken

Ariel Vanean & Ken (Lucas Kazan)

Czech Republic vs. Costarica. Seasoned pro vs. up-and-comer. Football player vs. agile cheerleader… “We knew Ken Summers and Ariel Vanean, on loan from Bel Ami Studios, would be a good fit for each other,” says director Ettore Tosi. “And a HOT match they were.” “We’ve long wanted to work with Ariel,” adds producer Lucas Kazan. “He’s a porn legend in his own right and worth waiting for. We invited Ariel to Milano, asked him to grow his beard and gave him a rougher, more mature look, but no less sexy, than our friends at BelAmiOnline.” The end result? You be the judge… — Lucas Kazan


Bruno’s XXX casting session

Bruno (Lucas Kazan)

Tall, hung, athletic. Like many Cariocas his age, this 24-year-old jock thinks of himself as ‘pan-sexual’: men, women, transexuals… anything goes in Rio! Bruno’s bubble butt is no less impressive than his smile, or his tan or his 8 inch dick. Too bad he isn’t quite ready to play with it. Or is he? — Lucas Kazan


Private Sex Files — Ettore does Fabio

Fabio & Ettore Tosi (Lucas Kazan)

No lights, no crew: just me, my voyeur cam and the young men I’ve met all over the world. Real sex, real time… There’s pounding… and then there’s Ettore’s pounding. Deep. Hard. Relentless. Italian newcomer Fabio got more than a taste of it in this new Private Sex File. Proving he could bravely take it for hours on hand! — Lucas Kazan


Brute Club, Up Close

Brute Club (Lucas Kazan)

A candid interview and a hot photoshoot, both taped right after Brute Club‘s Hustlaball win for Best Newcomer, tell much more about this 24 year old top from the UK than his porn name would suggest. Yes, he’s self-confident and determined. Yes, his 8 inch “club” is mighty. But his b-side is as impressive and you’ll soon discover something far less “menacing” about this personal trainer’s personality. Introverted, almost shy. With a soft spot for Spanish boys… — Lucas Kazan


Sketches — Alex does Robbie

Alex Magnum & Robbie Rojo (Lucas Kazan)

Alex Magnum is back, with another live model to draw and another bubble butt to fantasize about. Unavoidable, when that butt is Robbie Rojo’s. “Great chemistry between these two”, says director Ettore Tosi. “And a perfect match: Italians/Spanish; hung top/power bottom… No directing necessary! — Lucas Kazan


Sketches — Alex Magnum & Fabio

Alex Magnum & Fabio in Sketches. (Lucas Kazan)

Sketching Milano’s architecture is one thing. Easy! A whole other matter is drawing a live model. Especially when his underwear comes off, the charcoal stick hesitates and the sexual tension builds up. Of course this is porn: the Italian draftsman is hung and his muse’s butt… simply irresistible! — Lucas Kazan


Lorenzo’s XXX casting session

Lorenzo (Lucas Kazan)

He loves the outdoors — the beach above all — and hanging out with his friends. Meet 21 year old Lorenzo: a short beard and a compact, agile body. “There’s something distinctively Mediterranean about this sexy newcomer”, says director Ettore Tosi. “Italian, Spanish, even northern African”. But you’d be wrong: Lorenzo is all-Brazilian and, despite his young age, knows exactly what he wants. From his partners (“I’m a bottom”) and life in general: “I’d like to visit every country in the world”, he says. “And I will!” — Lucas Kazan


Fabrizio’s XXX casting session

Fabrizio (Lucas Kazan)

Italian boys. Straight boys. Machismo… and the ultimate taboo. No, it is never easy to talk our candidates into playing with their butts. But camming has broadened Fabrizio‘s horizons. We’re bringing this HOT Sicilian jock back… with a toy in his hands (and coach Ettore’s hands). Capturing on camera his every reactions and grimaces. Sometimes awkward, always real and, we think… damn sexy. — Lucas Kazan


Carlos’ XXX casting session

Carlos (Lucas Kazan)

If you think you’d be intimidated by this mountain of muscles, think again. Carlos is an absolute sweetheart: his friendly smile and his polite manners speak louder than his “action hero” pecs. Or his washboard abs. Like most Brazilians, he looks older (would you guess he’s only 21?), wears braces, loves ink and yes, he’s seriously into bodybuilding. “He’s a bit shy too”, says director Ettore Tosi. “Confident, but shy. And that’s always a turn-on, when it comes to straight guys! — Lucas Kazan


Ricardo’s XXX casting session

Ricardo (Lucas Kazan)

We first met Ricardo on his bike, along Copacabana Beach. We knew then we wanted to introduce him just like that: a 23-year-old biker and his blue Honda. “When I ride”, he says, “I feel… FREE!” Ricardo may be short. Not so his HUGE cock, which photographs even bigger on that tight, otherwise well-proportioned body. No wonder he’s proud of it — and quite happy to show off. — Lucas Kazan


Hugo’s XXX casting session

Hugo (Lucas Kazan)

“The sky is the limit” is tattoed on his chest -big and bold. “Je ne regrette rien” on his arm. No better introduction to this 23 years old from Sao Paulo. Like 99% of the HOT Brazilian jocks we’ve interviewed at LucasKazan, Hugo wears braces (what’s up with that?), loves ink and has a thing for nipples — his own and his partners’.

“I’m mostly a top,” he says. “But it all depends on the moment and the circumstances.”

Tall, hung, uncut, Hugo was relaxed before Ettore Tosi’s lens and quite comfortable playing with his ass. Will this cutie bottom next? — Lucas Kazan


Private Sex Files — Alex tops Andy

Private Sex Files (Lucas Kazan)

No lights, no crew: just me, my voyeur cam and the young men I’ve met all over the world. Real sex, real time…

Back to Rio with director Ettore Tosi for more Brazilian beef. “Everything is bigger in Rio”, says Ettore. “The muscles, the cocks, the bubble butts…”

In this 3rd chapter of “Jogos Cariocas”, muscle stud Alex tops Andy. Alex may be 100% straight, but who cares, really? He had no problems getting it up –and keeping it hard– for his insatiable partner. All the while showing off his HOT, HOT body! — Lucas Kazan


Hector does Dario Beck

Hector & Dario Beck. (Lucas Kazan)

Dario Beck‘s lusty fantasies come true when he gets drilled by handsome Italian stud Hector.


Ettore Tosi does Robbie Rojo

Robbie Rojo & Ettore Tosi (Lucas Kazan)

Robbie Rojo‘s tight hole gets pounded by Ettore Tosi.


Some red hot Robbie Rojo

Madrid Tales -- Gay porn star Robbie Rojo (Lucas Kazan)

Cute little power bottom Robbie Rojo is ready for action.


Gabriel & Robbie hookup in Madrid

Madrid Tales -- Gabriel & Robbie (Lucas Kazan)

Robbie Rojo’s sweet little ass gets pounded by Gabriel Vanderloo during this hot hookup in Madrid.


Denis Vega stripped naked

Gay porn star Denis Vega (Lucas Kazan)

Handsome Mediterranean hunk Denis Vega strips naked, pills shedding one article of clothing at a time in this sexy nude photo shoot.