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Midnight cowboy — Randy Ricks

Randy Ricks (Playgirl)

So the other night I watched Joe Manganiello‘s male stripper documentary La Bare — a movie about the real life nightclub that was the inspiration for the male strip club featured in Magic Mike. One of the profiled dancers is former Playgirl “Man of the Decade” Randy Ricks. At one point he holds up a copy of Playgirl magazine to show off one of his numerous nude photo spreads, and we get a distant glimpse of the “Master Blaster” in all his full frontal glory. Get a closer look at Randy’s wang after the jump…


The real “Magic Mike”

Joe Manganiello, of True Blood and Magic Mike fame, produced and directed La Bare, a documentary about exotic dancers. And this, wishful thinkers, should serve as proof that he’s secretly gay. Yay! The bulges and buns obsessed documentary tells the true story of life at the night club that served as inspiration for the fictional flesh factory in the Channing Tatum male stripper flick. Watch this R-rated red band trailer and judge for yourself. Does this look like a movie that was shot by a man who likes cock?