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Going straight — Justin Owen

Justin Owen in Mornings Are For Lovers (Next Door Studios)

Justin Owen hooks up with a girl (Christie Stevens) in this scene from early in his sexually ambiguous porn career. But his luscious bubble butt is still the star. His ass is so hot it seems like even she wishes she could fuck it.


Bridger punishes Justin’s ass

Justin Owen & Bridger Watts (Next Door Studios)

Returning from an afternoon of errands, Bridger Watts senses something is off inside his home. Not sure what he’ll find, he inspects the downstairs and makes his way up to his bedroom. Hearing a sound from the closet, he makes his way over, bracing for whoever is lurking behind the door. The last thing he expected to see was a naked man, bent over with a dildo in his ass, and yet, that’s exactly how he finds Justin Owen. Justin, obviously embarrassed, tries to play it off, but Bridger isn’t hearing it, grabbing Justin and throwing him on the bed. Justin wonders just what he’s gotten himself into when Bridger tells him he can either view this as punishment or pleasure. Justin sighs as Bridger pulls him closer to his crotch, unzipping his pants and pulling out his cock, pushing Justin’s face down onto his shaft. Justin gags on it as Bridger holds Justin’s head, choking him with his dick and smiling. Justin does as Bridger tells him to, sucking him off before Bridger bends him over, arching Justin’s nice ass high into the air as he plunges his cock deep into Justin’s hole. Bridger teaches Justin a lesson about invasion, pounding him from behind and then pile driving him from above, before spinning the would-be burglar over onto his back and fucking the cum out of him, pulling out and spitting his massive load all over Justin’s face in a sweet form of payback. — Next Door Studios


Fantasy Football — Josh does Justin

Josh Brady & Justin Owen (Helix Studios)

Josh Brady and Justin Owen — who both just happen to be Helix Studios’ two juiciest jocks — spend the afternoon enjoying a game of football and some fucking. Watch these two red-blooded all-American hunks in Fantasy Football.


Ready for My 3-Way

Blake Mitchell, Logan Cross & Justin Owen (Helix Studios)

Justin Owen steps out of a steamy shower and straight into a hot threesome with Blake Mitchell and Logan Cross. Fresh twink meat gets licked, reamed and creamed in this hardcore scene from Helix Studios’ Ready For My 3-Way.


Suds & Buds — Justin does Troy

Justin Owen & Troy Accola (Helix Studios)

Justin Owen gets some company in the shower when he’s joined by another dirty boy, Troy Accola. They take turns giving each other slurpy wet blowjobs under the steamy hot water.


Fair Game — Blake does Justin

Blake Mitchell & Justin Owen (Helix Studios)

Blake Mitchell pops Justin Owen‘s Helix cherry in his first bottoming scene at his new home. Since Justin fucked Blake’s boyfriend, it’s only fair. Blake reasserts his alpha status by reaming Justin’s shapely ass. Check out these hardcore porn gallery of Justin getting fucked by the biggest dick at the studio after the jump…


Sunset Screw — Brad & Justin

Sunset Screw -- Brad Chase & Justin Owen (Helix Studios)

When two beautiful young lovers, Justin Owen and Brad Chase, take a romantic stroll down the beach at sunset, it puts them in the mood.


“Blowing the New Guy”

Blowing the New Guy -- Justin Owen & Tyler Hill (Helix Studios)

Tyler Hill welcomes the rookie, Justin Owen, to his new home at Helix Studios. Scroll through Justin and Tyler’s hardcore suck and fuck porn gallery after the jump…


Justin Owen at Helix Studios

Naked porn hunk Justin Owen (Helix Studios)

It’s the new and improved Justin Owen, looking a little more muscular. The 23-year-old, versatile bisexual hunk is now a new exclusive at Helix Studios.


Justin & Kurtis suck, fuck & swap cum

Bisexual hunks Justin Owen and Kurtis Wolfe take turns eating cum

Kurtis Wolfe enjoys a hot hookup in the dressing room with smooth power bottom Justin Owen. Justin backs his ass into it as Kurtis shoves his thick cock into his luscious bubble butt. These horny, jizz-loving fuckers blow their wads in each others mouths so they can share creamy cum kisses. According to Justin, he can taste the difference.


Billy Taylor pounds Justin Owen

Justin Owen & Billy Taylor (Randy Blue)

Justin Owen takes charge after a chance encounter with Billy Taylor in the park. The bossy little power bottom crams Billy big dick down his throat. Then he lets Billy pin him to the floor during a prostate pounding butt fuck. The scene climaxes with Billy fucking a load out of Justin right before Justin laps up a fountain of jizz from Billy’s spurting cock.


Justin Owen flips for Killian James

Randy Blue -- Killian James fucks Justin Owen

Killian James goes looking to have a good time, but Justin Owen‘s nose is buried in a book. That’s when Killian decides to get Justin’s attention by burying his nose up Justin’s cute bubble butt. He pulls down his shorts and starts eating his ass and sucking his cock, teasing the head of Justin’s cock with his tongue. There’s lots of dirty talk as they take turns sucking and fucking each other. Killian promises to swallow Justin’s cum. He keeps this promise by letting Justin blow a load straight into his open mouth. After Killian pops a wad, Justin laps it up and they share a sloppy cum kiss.


Justin Owen breaks in Zane Porter

Straight 18-year-old Zane Porter fucks sexy twink, Justin Owen!

Zane Porter‘s an 18-year-old straight boy who’s about to go gay. And this lucky duck gets to fuck one of the hottest asses in porn — the sweet bubble butt that belongs to Justin Owen.


Jokey sex with Jarec & Justin

Jarec Wentworth is gonna fuck Justin Owen's hot bubble butt!

Jarec Wentworth and Justin Owen discover the most perilous part about making porn is coming up with good dialogue. Their improv is a disaster that leads to awkward, giggly exchanges. But eventually they figure out that you can’t put your foot in your mouth if it’s already got a big, fat cock in it. So they get down to the sucking and fucking.


Justin & Diego horny in Hollywood

Justin Owen & Diego Sans

Justin Owen‘s a naive country boy with stars in eyes who hooks up with hot Latin hustler Diego Sans at a house in the Hollywood hills in the first installment of the web series Welcome to L.A. Watch their extended flirtation and multi-orgasmic fuck scene at Randy Blue.


Hot piece of ass Justin Owen

Justin Owen

Looks like Randy Blue poached Justin Owen from Dylan Lucas. Now there’s a decision I can really get behind. His ass looks so sweet in that AussieBum jockstrap.


Seth Bond pops Justin Owen’s cherry

Justin Owen & Seth Bond

Cute, viagra young surfer Justin Owen takes it up the butt for the first time in this flip-flip scene with Dylan Lucas exclusive Seth Bond.


Fuck buddies — Justin does Lance

Lance Alexander & Justin Owen

That smoking hot surfer, capsule Justin Owen, rx hooks up with his buddy Lance Alexander. They take turns fucking each others dicks. Then Justin fucks the cum out of Lance. You can tell by the look on his face that Justin leaves him thoroughly satisfied.


Justin Owen jacks at the beach

Justin Owen

Justin Owen is just too cute. In these playful photos at a nude beach he looks like the sexy hybrid offspring of Christian Bale and Christopher Atkins. More naked pics after the jump…


Jerkin’ jock Justin Owen

Justin Owen

Justin Owen works the bag at the gym. And then he works his pole. My two favorite things about this guy are his perfect ass, and that he looks like he belongs in a boy band. Full frontal nudes after the jump…