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Jake bottoms for Jordan bareback

Jake & Jordan bareback

After checking out his delicious, bubbly butt, I’m sure I’m not the only one who wanted to see cute, blond Sean Cody stud Jake get bent over and plowed. That finally happens this week when seasoned porn veteran Jordan breaks in his virgin ass and teaches Jake to take it like a champ without being a little bitch about it.


Joey, Randy & Jordan bareback 3-way

Joey, Randy & Jordan threesome

According to Jordan the secret to a good threesome is to just have fun with it. And that’s exactly what he has during his bareback threeway with Joey and Randy. What could be more fun than getting your g-spot tapped by a hard cock while you’re slamming your dick up another dude’s tight hole? Watch them go at it at Sean Cody.


Suckpig Jordan swallows Ashton’s cock

Jordan sucks off Ashton

Sean Cody hunk Jordan is a perfect submissive suckpig when he deepthroats Ashton‘s enormous cock. He swallows him whole and tosses his salad. The sloppy conclusion leaves Jordan’s face dripping with spit and cum as Ashton erupts directly into Jordan’s open mouth. One of the best blowjobs you’ll ever see.